August 20, 2014

Ogres at Call to Arms - Day 1

Back from another enjoyable Call to Arms event in Wellington where my Ogres put on a reasonably good show finishing 10th continuing my good run of form in recent events.  My local club mates also had an exceedingly good weekend the best by our club (the Manawatu Duellists) at any New Zealand tournament.  Some useful links for you from the event:
- Results table (local guys finished 1st, 3rd, 7th, 10th & 13th)
- Event Photo Gallery (from the host clubs FB page)

There was one late change to the field with Sam Whitt having to withdraw his DE due to illness, but event organiser Mike stepped in with his Beastmen.  This meant my first round match got changed as I was meant to play Sam.  Instead I faced up against Joel V's Fluffy Daemon army.


Game 1 - Dawn Attack
vs. Daemons of Chaos (Joel V)
First Turn - No

See he is nice really!!
Deployment with pretty much everything from both armies lined up against each-other.
We all line up and get ready for the first turn - so far things are dead even
There is something not right about being trampled on by what looks like a badly mad Raisin-Scone with random bits of Spaghetti sticking out of it..
Where our respective armies were at deployment.  The aim here was to drive the Hellheart forward and pop his casters while using the building to protect my guys flanks.  In hindsight not the best plan at all really
Things still look good but then I didn't get off any of the magic I needed so my Ogres were stuck in combat with any of the buffs I needed to win.  Because I moved forward, as did Joel, my Ironblasters also had nothing to shoot at except for the Skull Cannons against whom they went 1 for 1 until they both popped.
Now things have gone badly - the Mournfang are hanging on against the Flying Things but the Ironguts after killing one lot of birds have had to reform to prevent a flank charge by one lot of Beasts.  This doesn't stop the other lot getting into the other flank though - although there are fewer in that unit.
Bugger and damn!!! The Mournfang are dead and the Bulls lose combat and run away.  The conga line is to minimise attacks on the unit but I don't forsee the Flying stuff hitting the rear of the Ironguts.
One round of combat from the end.  Prior to the Flying stuff coming in the Ironguts have chewed through the Chaos Beasts as I've been spamming Regen and +1S on them.  But Joel rolls double 1's meaning his Beasts stick around AND get all of their wounds back!!!
Noddy the Bigears Killer all along and outnumbered....
Not the greatest match-up for Round 1 but I managed to get 1 point out of it after both Skull Cannons went kabluey, the Hellheart popped a unit of Horrors and the Gnoblars (bless them) killed another lot of Horrors.  In the end Joel played smart, I deployed badly and made some poor decisions.

Result 1-19 Loss

Game 2 - Meeting Engagement
vs. Night Goblins (Luke Henning)
First Turn - Yes

Luke like me had a tough match-up in Round 1 where he had to face off against Jeff Kent's fluffy Dark Elves with the 4 flying characters.  Not ideal for him in his first Call to Arms.  From memory I think Luke was from the local GW store in Wellington.  His Night Goblin was fantastic and my vote for Best Painted which went to the other Night Goblin army at the tournament.  I voted for him as I thought the army look very coherent, made great use of highlights and showed some strong technique particularly in making the black stand out.  Luke's list was OK but not really tournament effective although his 12 Fanatics and 2 Mangler's could cause problems.  I got lucky with being able to choose sides which allowed me to take the corner with the hill on it for my Ironblasters to shoot away his Manglers and other stuff with relative impunity; Luke's lack of Warmachines would really hurt him in this game as would his low army wide leadership of 7.  The only reserves on either side was Luke's General who came on in Turn 2 after we both forgot about him.

Gutstar and Hellheart delivery bus in the middle with Mournfang on either flank and Ironblasters on the hill.  But these guys are all held back with the Sabretusks and Gnoblars deployed forward to draw out the fanatics - one of the perks of deploying first in this scenario
Sabretusks do their job well drawing out all 12 Fanatics by careful moving toward 8" of all of Luke's Night Goblin formations
Regen bubble goes down on all of my units who then move forward while the Ironblasters move to line up shots that take out multiple Fanatics.
Luke's squiqs complete with Goblin boss on a squiq - great looking unit
My opening tactics work extremely well.  My chaff draws out the Fanatics with their positions split by the terrain in the middle of the board.  Ironblasters kill 4 of in my shooting phase and then the rest die when they hit terrain, each-other or land on top of the Mournfang.  Protected as my guys were by Regen saves I only lost a single Mournfang model to the ensuing Chaos.

Luke's random movement doesn't help him when he ends up with Fanatics right in front of his 2 Manglers and the Squiq herd preventing them from charging me.  Turn 2 I charge my Gut Star into one of his Night Goblin units while the Ironblasters kill 1/2 Manglers.  The Bulls and Mournfang all hang back for a bit.

The Gut Star goes in and completely destroys its target forcing the Night Goblins on their left (to Gut Stars right) to flee along with his General.
Goblin Chariots come crashing into my units.
Mournfang hit the flank of the Chariot kill it. They and the Bulls opt not to overrun but instead reform ready to charge the Night Goblins in the front.  The goal is to get them and the reforming Ironguts into his other in the same turn.
Charges Ho!!! Bulls and Mournfang both hit one unit while the Gut Star also goes into his recently rallied horde.  Meanwhile both of his Chariots are dead, killed by the Ironblaster and his Mangler as moved randomly to his long table edge after taking wounds.  The remaining fanatics also disappear this turn.
All of the Night Goblins you see in this picture are dead.
The pivotal moment of the game now occurs (see picture above).  The Bulls and Mournfang won their initial combat but Luke manages to keep his surviving models in combat after rolling double 1's.  I needed to break them in one turn as now his Squig herd charges the flank of my Bulls.  In the resulting combat Luke does 14 wounds on my Bulls. With the flank charge and 2 ranks on his Squigs he has 16 CR before I even hit back (although some of these were simultaneous).  I do 14 wounds on his units with my initial combat attacks and have a banner giving me 15 CR.  I am now 1 down, but stomps go in killing 3 more Goblins and I win the final combat by 2.  As the Gut Star has killed and over-run his Generals unit Luke's leadership is now 5 .  His BSB who I haven't killed manages to pass but the Squiqs fail and BLOW UP killing more Bulls.

Damn that was close as I only have 1 Bull and the Butcher left from that big melee combat.  With a Mangler running around I opt for discretion and start moving away from it.
Where the game ended....
Despite Luke getting off that flank charge I still have 90% of my army left having only lost the 2 Sabretusks and the Gnoblars.  Luke's army is reduced to the single unit of Squiqs and Night Goblin boss who killed off the Gnoblars.

Result 20-0 Win

Game 3 - Watchtower
vs. Tomb Kings (Neil W)
Hold Watchtower - Yes

I love playing Neil because (a) his armies always look great (b) they are always fun games (c) he's one of the nicest guys on the local WHFB circuit and (d) you never know whats going to happen.  I was ready for him this time too as my General had a WS so there would be no more of that Killing Blow stuff from Panzershrek and Horned Rat.  But still he did have 3 Sphinx's so it would all come down to whether or not I could kill them off with my Ironblasters.

Rolling for watchtower I managed to grab it and put my Gnoblar Trappers in it - they are a good unit to use for this as they get Stand-and-Shoot having throwing weapons plus all enemy models charging them in a building have to take dangerous terrain.  That and with the Gut Star behind them they are Stubborn on L9 so I only needed 1 to survive combat to hold the tower long enough for me to move the Gut Star in.
Deployment - Everything in the middle aiming to get the Gut Star into the tower.  Ironblasters on either flank to have best chance of getting the Sphinxs.  Bigger issue for me though are the two Catapults Neil had.
As I said Neil's armies always look great
My Turn 1
 Turn 1 is pretty damn interesting or should I say HOLY CRAP how did I manage that!!!?!  The Gnoblar's manage to see off a charge by one Sphinx and the rest of my army survives all of Neils shooting.  His Sphinx's are safe behind the building and a hill from my Ironblaster on my right. So it contents itself with blowing up a Catapult.  The Ironblaster on my left is another story.  Neil hasn't quite positioned his Sphinx's properly.  I only just notice this and move my 2nd Ironblaster in a way that lets it get a clear shot off that will hit both Sphinx's out side the watch-tower with one shot.  10 inches from the back of the first I roll a 10 and the shot then bounces 4" into the 2nd one.  Roll to wound on the first I roll 6 wounds it pops, roll to wound on the 2nd I roll a 6 it pops too.  Like wow!!

Thats right Gnoblars in combat - Turn 2 I move them out of the building, Turn 3 I charge them into the Skeleton things
Gut Star is in the building, the Gnoblars are somehow still in combat and my other units are sorted out for charging in their turn.  I did consider not going for the Watch-tower and using the Gut Star to kill off his Shrine/Altar thing but opted to go for the scenario win instead.... but as you can see from all the red arrows Neil had other plans for me
All of Neil's charges go in including a nasty surprise by a Scorpion in the rear of my Bulls.  Another Scorpion had come up and hit the Mournfang in the middle only to be killed off. 

The resulting combats largely go Neil's way with my Bulls and Butcher being killed off along with the Gnoblars.  In my Turn the Ironblaster - only one now as the Casket has killed the other one - shots at and hits the big Sphinx but is 1 wound short of killing it.  The Mournfang charge Neil's other chariot unit killing it and over-running, but one uni remains locked in combat and can't escape the charge of the Sphinx.

Where things ended up in Turn 6
I just could not kill that damn Sphinx, it had one wound left for the rest of the game.  A few combats here and there, some magic missile spam from the Lore of the Great Maw but nothing else really happened except the Ironblaster mis-fired so could no longer shoot and got itself killed off my some Fast Cavalry.

Final result points wise was a slight points win to Neil but as I had the tower I secured the scenario and match win.  There was also a slight rule change with the tower not granting the standard tournament bonus of 500VP to the winner just ensuring you couldn't get a worse result than 11-9.  In hindsight I wouldn't have played the game any differently in this respect but might have changed how I used the Mournfang as I believed I was up on points even without the tower by the end.

Final Result 11-9 Win

So Day 1 over with 2 wins 1 Pants'ing and 32/60pts so not bad.


Neil said...

Hi John, Thanks for the complimentary comments about the appearance of the army but I can't claim credit for this one. Its Peter's army that I borrowed. I've just painted some bits of it and made the movement trays.

Herman van Kradenburg said...

Great pics. Shows what good proxies can bring to the visual appearance of a game! (Vide supra)