August 28, 2014

WIP - Painting a High Elf Dragon

Picking this guy up for $5 at Call to Arms was a nice bonus for me from that and I've been looking forward a lot to painting him up.  Still have to figure out how to sit a rider on top but green stuffing and sculpting the missing bit shouldn't be a problem.  While my High Elves are all purple I decided to make this guy green because (a) I like green, (b) I have several shades of GW green but only 2 shades of purple and (c) it will add more colour to the army.

Process so far has been:

All Areas
Undercoat - Tamiya Grey Spray Primer

Green Areas 
Basecost - GW Caliban Green
Layer - GW Warpstone Glow
Wash - GW Nuln Oil
Layer - GW Warpstone Glow

Grey Areas
Basecoat - GW Dawnstone
Wash - GW Nuln Oil

Basecoat - GW Mournfang Brown
Layer - GW Graveyard Earth

Layer - GW Mephiston Red

Layer - GW Mephiston Red
Wash - GW Nuln Oil
Layer - GW Mephiston Red

I have to say that I miss the old style paint pots that GW used to produce as they didn't drip as much, were much easier to clean and the lid seemed to store paint better.  

For the Green Areas (Scales) I have at least two more layers to do each of a slightly lighter shade.  The Horns will also get at least two more possibly three and both areas will get a final wash.  Green Wash for the Scales and Mud Wash for the Horns.  The Veins and tongue only need 1 more layer of light red but I'm going to try and add a 2nd much lighter colour to the veins to make them pop possibly an off white.  The grey area I haven't quite figured out yet but it will be lighter than it is now but not by much.


Scott Bowman said...

You got a bargain there picking that up for a fiver!

Nice job paitjob too...

I concur on the GW pots - they have been a saga of development over the years... what frustrates me the most at the mo is the lids dont stay up so you can get your brush in... they newest ones now seem to have some catch at the back, but then the paint all dribbles down the outside back of the pots... but I guess they are at least trying to solve the issues... I'm also still using a lot of Foundry paint in their old white topped 18ml pots, but those lids snap off easily and/or crack and split... Vallejo have a differing approach, but then you are forced to use a palette which I always think wastes some paint...

The Kiwi said...

Wet pallet helps the paint to last longer outside of the pot. I prefer Army Painter/Vallejo to GW. But I live in a hot environment and if paint is left in that open state like GW pots it would dry up real fast.

John Murrie said...

The new ones are supposed to stay open by themselves but I do find that this only happens if the little tab thingy works properly which it doesnt always do. So like you Scott I have to use a brush to keep it propped open. Only problem here is that the paint drips horribly and the lid design result in those drips NOT going into the pot but as you say down the side.

I did find though that cleaning my paint pots helps a lot - I was amazed at how much accumulated dried paint there was in the lids of some of the them.

I have resorted to scooping paint out and sticking it on an ice cream container lid and then closing the lid. That also allows me to mix colours.

@ The Kiwi - I tried making a wet palete and it worked really well but its not something I stuck with. But now that you have jogged my memory Ill give it another go.

Darcy Perry said...

Looking good! I painted mine red. It certainly takes a lot of paint! I agree with your comments about paint pots. Any ideas a rider?

Michael Mills said...

$5? What a steal!

I agree with you about the current GW paint range. I finally gave up in disgust last night with them oddly enough so you post if quite timely. I'm switching to P3/Vallejo.