September 24, 2014

Bretonnian inspiration ahead?

One of the blogs I follow regularly is James Wappel whose painting quite frankly is out of this world. Looking at his blog this morning I saw that he has purchased some of Fireforge's Teutonic Knights and will be painting them up soon. Really looking forward to seeing what he does with them.

Best of all his post contained pictures of the sprues within the box set - check it out here.

September 17, 2014

Fluffy Flying High Elves of Doom & Display Board

Submitted my list for what will be my final WHFB tournament of the year Cracks Call in Masterton at the end of the month.  There are still two more events scheduled to occur in Wellington Skitterleap and Vermintide but I'm skipping them as the cricket season starts the week after Cracks Call.  

For some reason I opted to take High Elves to Cracks Call with a list built around my newly painted Dragon - I just wanted to use it so decided why the hell not. List isn't in anyway meant to be horrible or uber competitive just something fun for me to have a go with.  Originally I was planning on taking Ogres to strengthen my hold on the Ogre Generals icon but High Elves have struck my fancy again.

With that in mind I even got some more work done on my High Elf display board and decent looking movement trays for the army.

The display board
Snow is Selley's Polyfilla - cheap as chips from the Warehouse
So anyway my list for the 2000pt event is....

w. Moon Dragon, Heavy Armour, Halberd, Talisman of Preservation, Charmed Shield
w. Eagle, Swiftsense, Lance, Armour of Fortune, Lion Cloak, Shield, Bane Gem
w. Eagle, Swiftsense, Halberd, Heavy Armour, Talisman of Endurance, Dragonhelm
w. Level 1 Fire, Scroll
14 x Archers - Musician
15 x Archers - Musician
5 x Reavers -Bows, Musician, Standard
5 x Reavers - Bows, Musician, Standard
10 x Dragon Princes - Full command, Lichebone Pennant
My army + the Frostheart & Annointed of Asuryan I'm lending to Joel V
My BSB - Griffon proxying as an Eagle
Noble with Lance & Eagle
2 lots of Archers + the L1 Fire Mage
10 x Dragon Princes - note the stupid broken lances on the rear rank GRRR!!!
2nd lot of Reavers (still unfinished) and 2 RBT's
Prince on Dragon 
The Dragon I finished off after I cleaned up my bits collection (the little that was left).  I cut spare spines/horns off my other Dragon body I had and glue those on after filling in the gap in the upper torso with filler.  The Rider is an old-style metal Dragon Prince - I have another one (the Champion) done up as a Noble.
My flying fluffy characters
Finally, while a Frostheart would make a great addition to the list I can't take it as I promised Joel V that he could borrow mine as he is (I think) bringing a 2000pt list with 3 Frostheart's in it - Assuryan Lord + Caradaryn + Rare Choice.  Should be fun.

Had two games with the list so far one against Caleb using Ogres and Regan's Vampires.  Both very bloody.  Basically its going to be push them forward hope they don't get shot and then charge in.

September 6, 2014

Movement trays galore

As part of my efforts to tidy up my stuff I decided to finish off all of my Sarissa movement trays.  Grey ones are principally for my High Elves but there are a couple for my Dwarfs as well.  Taking me 3 nights and one morning overall.

Night 1 first layer of PVA and sand.
Night 2 second layer of PVA - I don't thin it down at all for either layer.
Night 3 paint initial coat - used kids poster paint as it adheres better to the wood.

And finally Sat morning while kids had breakfast some dry brushing and applying grass tufts. Last step will have to wait for the budget to let me get some more poly filler for the snow.

September 5, 2014

Avatars of War Update: More delays

Another email from Avatars of War about yet another delay in the production and delivery of their new Dwarf Doomcrushers. 
Hello John,

A quick note to tell you that Doomcrushers tooling is progressing without any unexpected technical problem, but did suffer a slowdown caused by the very long duration of the Vestals of Nemesis tooling.
The process is at an advanced stage, but we do not know yet exact dates. Now that finally the re-tooling of the Vestals is done, the toolmaker will be able to give us a realistic estimated production start date for the Doomcrushers.

 We’ll send an update, both through the forum and by sending an email to all buyers as soon as we know that date.

We keep in touch.

Johanna Acquah
AoW Management

Avatars of War SLNE
CIF: B64518889
C/Mare de Deu dels Angels, 37, local.
08921 Santa Coloma Gramenet

Tel: 0034 93 385 03 26


At least in the interim we have the welcome news that 9th Ed is on its way along with a new Bretonnians army book.j

Between now and when it comes out we will have the inevitable round of rage quitting and the end is Nye web rants.  

Personally I like 8th and think a revised rulebook that included all of the FAQs and which tidied things up is all that is needed.

Meanwhile hobby wise I'm concentrating on tidying up my armies focusing first on their movement trays

September 4, 2014

New army project: Bretonnians

I've pretty much talked myself into this as my next army project.  I've always liked the idea behind the Bretonnian army and thought it would be a great project to start.  But I resisted doing so for a long while mainly because I didn't think my painting/modelling ability was up to the task.  Bretonnians are an army that you really need to work on if you want to make them pop and I want to.  Yes the new book didn't come out in July 2014 as was suggested and things have gone really quiet in relation to them and WHFB in general, until Nagash hit us of course.  There have also been suggestions that they may be merged into Empire, so will never get a new book but will simply disappear - hope not.

But I seriously want to start Bretonnians and here's why?
- There is a huge range of alternative miniatures available allowing you to customise your army look,
- They are completely different to my 3 current armies (Ogres, High Elves & Dwarfs)
- The fluff is cool and has strong links to Medieval history of which I am a fan; have strong memories of listening to the music from the Laurence Olivier version of Henry V when the French charge at Agincourt and watching the movie with my Dad.
- Their historical links strengthen even more your ability to customise your armies look.
- I believe I can do the army justice painting/modelling wise

There are risks involved namely (a) cost and (b) what happens if GW kills them off, I don't believe they will but GW has never been known for rational thought.

So here's the plan

  1. Get hold of a copy of the book and read read read
  2. Sort out 3 lists to guide initial purchases 1200pts, 2000pts and ultimately 2400pts.
  3. Identify suitable miniatures other than GW
  4. Plan an army theme and colour scheme (not Teutonic as I've seen it at CTA)
  5. Buy and paint.
I've never really started an army from scratch with a full on plan before even with Ogres I got them and then randomly started painting them so this army will be different.  I will plan out everything first and then buy stuff.  No rush at all so thinking 12 months before I will have a 2400pt force to use.

In the interim I have been looking at alternative miniatures and have found a lot, some of which I wanted to buy regardless just for the hell of it. 

Conquest Games Norman Cavalry
Fireforge Games Mounted Sergeants
Fireforge Games Templar Knights
Fireforge Games Teutonic Knights
Fireforge Games Infantry
Perry Miniatures Hundred Years War Knights
For comparison purposes the final images show side by side images of the main alternatives to standard GW Bretonnians

Perry Miniatures Norman, Fireforge Sergeant, GW Bretonnian, Fireforge Templar, Conquest Games Norman
Fireforge Games Teutonic Knight on left - GW Bretonnian on right
And finally because this idea really attracted me was to depart from the standard Medieval theme and build a Bretonnian army using Roman miniatures, only drawback is the lack of variation in cavalry unless you mix periods with Imperial and late Eastern Empire Cataphracts that and use a lot of Green stuff.

Stay tuned