September 5, 2014

Avatars of War Update: More delays

Another email from Avatars of War about yet another delay in the production and delivery of their new Dwarf Doomcrushers. 
Hello John,

A quick note to tell you that Doomcrushers tooling is progressing without any unexpected technical problem, but did suffer a slowdown caused by the very long duration of the Vestals of Nemesis tooling.
The process is at an advanced stage, but we do not know yet exact dates. Now that finally the re-tooling of the Vestals is done, the toolmaker will be able to give us a realistic estimated production start date for the Doomcrushers.

 We’ll send an update, both through the forum and by sending an email to all buyers as soon as we know that date.

We keep in touch.

Johanna Acquah
AoW Management

Avatars of War SLNE
CIF: B64518889
C/Mare de Deu dels Angels, 37, local.
08921 Santa Coloma Gramenet

Tel: 0034 93 385 03 26


At least in the interim we have the welcome news that 9th Ed is on its way along with a new Bretonnians army book.j

Between now and when it comes out we will have the inevitable round of rage quitting and the end is Nye web rants.  

Personally I like 8th and think a revised rulebook that included all of the FAQs and which tidied things up is all that is needed.

Meanwhile hobby wise I'm concentrating on tidying up my armies focusing first on their movement trays

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Old Fogey said...

Yep, sounds like AOW. They make great minis, but their time estimates are dreadful. Having pre-ordered in the past and waited over 18 months, I now just buy when they are released.

Rumour mill is in overdrive at the moment, interesting times ahead for WHFB, maybe this year, maybe next.