September 17, 2014

Fluffy Flying High Elves of Doom & Display Board

Submitted my list for what will be my final WHFB tournament of the year Cracks Call in Masterton at the end of the month.  There are still two more events scheduled to occur in Wellington Skitterleap and Vermintide but I'm skipping them as the cricket season starts the week after Cracks Call.  

For some reason I opted to take High Elves to Cracks Call with a list built around my newly painted Dragon - I just wanted to use it so decided why the hell not. List isn't in anyway meant to be horrible or uber competitive just something fun for me to have a go with.  Originally I was planning on taking Ogres to strengthen my hold on the Ogre Generals icon but High Elves have struck my fancy again.

With that in mind I even got some more work done on my High Elf display board and decent looking movement trays for the army.

The display board
Snow is Selley's Polyfilla - cheap as chips from the Warehouse
So anyway my list for the 2000pt event is....

w. Moon Dragon, Heavy Armour, Halberd, Talisman of Preservation, Charmed Shield
w. Eagle, Swiftsense, Lance, Armour of Fortune, Lion Cloak, Shield, Bane Gem
w. Eagle, Swiftsense, Halberd, Heavy Armour, Talisman of Endurance, Dragonhelm
w. Level 1 Fire, Scroll
14 x Archers - Musician
15 x Archers - Musician
5 x Reavers -Bows, Musician, Standard
5 x Reavers - Bows, Musician, Standard
10 x Dragon Princes - Full command, Lichebone Pennant
My army + the Frostheart & Annointed of Asuryan I'm lending to Joel V
My BSB - Griffon proxying as an Eagle
Noble with Lance & Eagle
2 lots of Archers + the L1 Fire Mage
10 x Dragon Princes - note the stupid broken lances on the rear rank GRRR!!!
2nd lot of Reavers (still unfinished) and 2 RBT's
Prince on Dragon 
The Dragon I finished off after I cleaned up my bits collection (the little that was left).  I cut spare spines/horns off my other Dragon body I had and glue those on after filling in the gap in the upper torso with filler.  The Rider is an old-style metal Dragon Prince - I have another one (the Champion) done up as a Noble.
My flying fluffy characters
Finally, while a Frostheart would make a great addition to the list I can't take it as I promised Joel V that he could borrow mine as he is (I think) bringing a 2000pt list with 3 Frostheart's in it - Assuryan Lord + Caradaryn + Rare Choice.  Should be fun.

Had two games with the list so far one against Caleb using Ogres and Regan's Vampires.  Both very bloody.  Basically its going to be push them forward hope they don't get shot and then charge in.


Scott Bowman said...

Very nice board John and impressive looking army. Best of Luck.

McCrae said...

Looks great mate!

Goldmunds Welt said...

Impressive army! Also the board looks great!

brownk29 said...

excellent army, love the frostheart