March 30, 2015

First X-Wing list: Howlrunner Swarm Tactics

Playing my first proper game of X-Wing tomorrow night, I have had several demo games in the past but this is my first one with my own stuff where I've actually attempted to make a decent list.

In trying to put a list together I came across the one big issue, probably the only one, with X-Wing - the availability of upgrade cards for ships.  There are a huge range of cards available to upgrade weapons, crew, engines pretty much everything on each ship.  But certain cards are only available in certain sets and to get them all you have to either (a) buy ships you don't want (b) print out the cards you want from online sources or (c) buy/swap/trade cards with other players.

Not having all the cards makes it difficult to figure out what does what and to build a list but I came up with following 100pt list which could be fun for tomorrow

2 x Academy Pilot Tie Fighters
Howlrunner with Swarm Tactics & Stealth Device

Carnor Jax
Turr Phennir with Lone Wolf

Kept things a simple as possible so minimal upgrades on anything. Swarm Tactics is a damn good one though allowing another ship to use your PS for a round (you still keep yours). Stealth gives you +1 agility till you take a hit and Lone Wolf allows me to re-roll blanks when attacking or defending if no friendly ships are within range 1-2. So Turr stands off at long range sniping people while everyone else powers on in.

I have been spending a fair bit of time online reading various websites and forums getting hints on tactics, what to buy and getting started. Cannot believe I didn't start this game much much earlier.

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Jeffrey Kent said...

Nice mate, totally pumped for tomorrow night. I'll spend most of tonight working out how to get the Falcon going to shoot you down