March 23, 2015

Kids love X-Wing!!

Got my X-Wing starter set on Friday incredibly quick delivery by Games and Hobbies in Wellington, just awesome stuff, and took some time to introduce to my two oldest kids (8 & 6).  Used simplified rules with no tokens or anything just turn dial, move, shoot, throw dice and blow stuff up.

My son as Luke Skywalker and his sister as a Rebel controlled Tie fighter closing in on my rear
They picked it up quick and more importantly enjoyed it... consequently, I've had 4 days of non stop demands from them (especially my son) to play it again and again.  Just awesome

AH HA HA Dad's in my gun sights
And BOOM!!! Dad is Dead!!
Yah!!! Dad is Dead!!!
Not completely sure that my wife is sold on the idea... and apparently I'm buying my son the Millennium Falcon for his birthday now (according to him anyway).

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Gordon Richards said...

Great stuff! I only recently introduced my 8 year old to X-Wing and he too picked up quickly and loved it. So I then introduced him to In Her Majesty's Name and he loved that, too...and even helps remind his old man of the odd rule he's forgotten. Happy days!