March 27, 2015

Retailer Review: Games & Hobbies NZ

I haven't posted one of these for a while but my experiences ordering X-Wing over the last week or so have prompted me to write this little Retailer Review.  This time its about Games and Hobbies New Zealand an online retailer based out of Wellington.  They specialise in board and card games but you can get some specialist Miniatures games through them including X-Wing.

I came across these guys via Facebook after I saw a couple of other local gamers like them and post details of some of their sales.  They weren't a retailer I had heard of before as they don't stock GW, Battlefront or Privateer Press products.

If ordering gaming stuff I always check out local vs. international sellers to see what the best deals are.  A lot of the time you can save big by ordering from overseas even with exchange rates and postage costs thrown in.  Where the savings are minimal I tend to go with local retailers as if its only a matter of saving say 10% on something I'd rather support a local shop.  Plus you get your stuff quicker as well.

So far I've purchased the following stuff through Games and Hobbies:

  • X-Wing Core Set (1st order)
  • Tie Interceptor Expansion Pack (2nd order)
  • Tie Fighter Expansion Pack (3rd order)
  • Imperial Aces Expansion Pack (3rd order)
Yes I know I would have saved on postage had I combined the orders but I was sneaking the stuff in piecemeal and hadn't sorted out what I wanted.  So how was the ordering/shopping experience?

The Online Store A
Extremely easy to navigate, each item has a full description and good images.  Prices are clearly displayed along with any discounts and shipping/store information is readily available.  There are no surprises on what is a very user-friendly website.  Quite easy to get side-tracked looking at all the shiny stuff...

Ordering A
Is very simple - unlike a lot of stores where you have to create an account Games and Hobbies don't require you to.  Just add your goods to the cart, go to checkout, enter your details (which your browser will remember if you are repeating an order) and off you go.  

Payment Options A+
A big plus for me is that there are two payment options - direct deposit into the stores bank account or the standard online credit-card/Paypal route.  Paypal I like and its one of the few online systems I trust, but the direct deposit option is also a great feature and its what I used for all 3 of my orders.

Delivery A++
WOW!!! Talk about quick.  For example my Core Set was ordered on a Thursday, payment set up to go through overnight that night via direct deposit (I emailed a reply to my order confirmation letting the store know) and a courier delivered it the very next day!! Same thing happened with my next order as well, and has done for my 3rd (although AHH my wife will be home when it arrives as I'm teaching this afternoon so I can't hide this one from her).  Deliveries can also be tracked as they are sent via Fastway Couriers.

Nice Surprise
Remember Slave to Painting?  Great online retailer in Christchurch.  Amazing range of stuff well one bonus with their orders is they used to send you a lollipop and a sticker with each order.  Games and Hobbies send you a little Whitaker's chocolate bar.  Even better.

So big thumbs up from Stumpy-Heaven for Games and Hobbies

Final comment - stupid Google+ has locked me out of my account on pretty much every computer I use except this one (a spare desktop at one of my work units) because of 2-step verification.  Anyone else have issues with this system?  So until I get access back posts might be a bit slow in coming.


Mark Stanton said...

Yep, great service from Games and Hobbies, I ordered Mage Wars card game and was delivered to me the next morning !! Will definitely using them again for board gaming orders
Also having the out of stock labels notices on items is a big plus for me - not fun having to get refunds when you order something and find out weeks and weeks later that its not arriving

John Murrie said...

Agreed - the out of stock thing is such a simple addition to a site that so many retailers don't utilise

Paul Waechter said...

Great review John. Ordering online has been a major hassle for me over the last six months, so it's nice to hear of another retailer who can join the elite band of those who can actually get it right!