March 4, 2015

Stumpy Heaven is returning

My gaming hiatus is over, primarily as my interest is starting to return and the local club cricket season has finished.

There will be some changes to StumpyHeaven for 2015 though.  A couple of my local club mates are going to start contributing to the site - one of them's a Dwarf player but I'll have to apologise in advance for the other one who plays the Evil Stunties, I mean honestly.

Some upcoming projects that I'll start keeping track of over the next couple of months (once I get some more brushes) for each of my collections.

WHFB Dwarfs
Finish my 40 odd AoW Berserkers/Slayers - aim is to get them ready in time for Panzershrek my clubs local tournament in July.

WHFB High Elves
Still have 4 units of 5 Reavers to finish off as well as a mounted mage and noble.  Aim is to get my cavalry based/mobile army all finished off.  I was intending to paint strip and repaint the entire collection (again) but decided against it.

WHFB Ogres
Save up to get some Scibor Ogres so I can make unit of Man-eaters, and get a Thundertusk because I think the model is damn cool.  This project will wait for WHFB 9th to come out first though.

WH30/40k Word Bearers
Order some Forgeworld Word Bearer shoulder pads so I can finish off my marines, and sort out the best way to strip them back and repaint them.  Going to beg/borrow some bitz to really kit them out with skulls, bones and flayed skin etc.  Long-term (say end of year) add 1-2 Contemptor Dreadnoughts to the list - depends on what the new plastic stuff from GW looks like.

FOW Canadians
Still have 3 Stuarts to add decal's to, an Auster AOP to pin, assemble and paint and 2 Sextons and a Typhoon to acquire to complete these guys.  Considering taking them to Call to Arms in August if its a Late War event.

Other stuff....

A display board for my FOW armies, something generic that works for all of them.

Buy and read all of the End Times novels - first one on order and should be here in a week or so.


Scott Bowman said...

Good to see you back :)

Tane said...

Yeah mate, good to see you back hobbying.

Paul Waechter said...

Welcome back John. Sometimes a decent break is just what you need to rekindle the enjoyment and enthusiasm :-)

John Murrie said...

Thanks guys

John Murrie said...

Thanks guys