March 13, 2015

Warmachine anyone?

A number of years ago I got stuck hardcore into Warmachine and ended up with a massive collection of Menoth miniatures around 100+ miniatures all told.  Something about an army of fanatical religious zealots who liked to set people on fire really appealed to me.  When the local WM community disappeared I sold my collection and switched to FOW using the money gained from selling my WM stuff to fund it.

Some of my former Menoth models
With recent revelations about the end of WHFB as we know it - depending on whether you go full hog and believe the hype about GW destroying the entire gaming system - I'm seriously thinking about getting back into the game.

More former glory
Now 4-5 years ago funding a huge WM collection was relatively easy as we had Maelstrom Games in the UK offering massive discounts on what were normally very expensive metal models.  Locally my hometowns FLGS was also well stocked.  Things are harder now but a quick look at the Privateer Press website this morning has REALLY made any shift back into WM a lot easier with the announcement of new All-in-one army boxes to be released this month. At approx NZ$150-180 they are an absolute steal.

Now if I can just figure out how to pre-order I can get the ball rolling.  These are limited edition releases so if you want one be in quick.


Wryth said...

C'mon John. Just get those Word Bearers out and come play 40k with us instead!

John Murrie said...

I will mate they're first on my project list