March 19, 2015

WHFB Battle Report: Ogres vs. Dwarfs 2400pts

"The Ogres of the Mountain Claw tribe are no more and their chief and Slaughtermaster "Bigears the Noddy Killer" is dead his stomach exploded after he ate a dozen too many Gnoblars in a failed effort to appease the Great Maw and end the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions ripping apart the Claws mountain home.  Marching away from their destroyed homes the Mountain Claws battle survivors of other Ogre tribes also fleeing the mountains.  From the bones, bodies and guts of the those who remain a new tribe has emerged the Stone Claws at their head the Tyrant "Fathead Dragonbreath" his Great Mace still bloody from pummelling the Mountain Claws temporary chief the Butcher"Pugwash Ratboiler", whose skin now adorns the Tribes new Slaughtermaster "Yhturkstain the Flayer".  

Marching into the Northern ranges of the Worlds Edge Mountains following the scent of death and decay the Stone Claws encounter an ancient and somewhat tasty enemy, Dwarfs of Clan Louden.  With many an Ogre belly empty from the long trek the sight of so many Dwarfs, already battered and bruised from the destruction of their hold by Skaven, is too much. Mouths open and saliva running heavy down their chins the Stone Claws rush forward to battle and to feed...."

The opening moves of the battle - the Stone Claws spread wide and charge straight ahead into the waiting Dwarven ranks

His Ironguts massed around him, joined by Slaughtermaster "Yhturkstain the Flayer" and BSB "Marrowbreath Stinkfeet" the Tyrant "Fathead Dragonbreath" leads the Stoneclaws straight at the stumpy foe.  Their movement boosted by the Banner of Swiftness, their flanks protected by Mournfang from the Snotfoots and Goblin Chewers the Ogres have little to fear.  But sneaky horrible, but tasty, things they are the Dwarfs open fire from the nearby 3 storied tower - Irondrakes blasting deep wounds into Ironguts and Mournfang alike.  Organ Guns, bombs from Gyrocopters and Stones from Grudge Throwers also pound into, through and on top of the Stone Claws wounding many but killing only a few Ogres

Gyrocopters move to block the Stoneclaws advance 
 As "Bugrots Boomstick" the Stone Claws Ironblaster opens fire at the Dwarven artillery a horrible buzzing noise is heard and a swarm of Gyrocopters appear to redirect the advancing Ogre battleline.  Ogre Gut Magic boosts the entire army with magical Toughness and Dwarven missile and artillery fire becomes ineffectual.  First to enter combat are not Ogres but Gnoblars, a virtual horde of them have joined the Stone Claws on their exodus, and now one group has managed to trap a Gyrocopter as it refuelled and they swarm over its crew.

Not wanting to be out done Bulls from the "Bone Splitters" charge another Gyrocopter which has became entangled in a forest crushing it beneath their boots before they rush forward into the very face of the Dwarven Lord leading their breakfast toward them.
Leadbelchers of the Itchy Cracks move to direct their fire onto the Dwarven Gyrocopters
The Stone Claws Gutstar smashes into a redirecting Gyrocopter while the Bulls act to redirect the Dwarven Lords Hammerer unit away from them.  On the right Gnoblars destroy another Gyro, while behind Mournfang lie in wait ready to charge into any breach in the Dwarven lines
 With the Dwarven airforce now eaten, squashed, picked apart by Gnoblars or shot to pieces the way is open for the Ironguts and Bulls of the Tribe to smash into the waiting Dwarven ranks.  Faced with such an imposing oncoming horde the Dwarven army opts to charge into battle seeking to gain an advantage.  The Bulls though have prevented both of the Dwarven armies blocks of infantry from hitting the Ironguts at the same time.  The Dwarven Warriors and their BSB must hope that their flank charge can win them through...
Turn 2-3 The Gyros are gone and now its time for combat, the Dwarf's charge first - the Lord and Hammerers at the Bulls and the Warriors & BSB at the flank of the Ironguts
 Ahhh... a Gyro still remains, although it is wounded, and as the Dwarven warrior horde smashes into the flank of the Ironguts it lands and sacrifices itself to redirect the Mournfang protecting the Ironguts rear.  In the building the Irondrakes continue to fire on the Ogre army but ignore the Gnoblars who have now begun to close in on the Dwarven artillery on both the right and left flanks.  Only the Quarrellers have proven damaging forcing one unit of Mournfang - the Snotfoots - to flee after suffering grevious losses.

Battle is joined - can the Gut Star survive
 Combat is now raging across the field - the Dwarven Warrior horde smashes head long into the flank of the Ogre host but before the first Dwarven axes can fall all 3 Ogre leaders make way to face them in personal combat. Protected by magical ward saves Tyrant "Fathead Dragonbreath" Slaughtermaster "Yhturkstain the Flayer" and Bruiser "Marrowbreath Stinkfeet" take the brunt of the Dwarven attacks but emerge unscathed.  Even a magical vortex which rips through the Gut Star when The Flayer miscasts can do nothing to weaken them.  With their strength increased by Gut Magic the leaders of the Stone Claws and the surviving Ironguts cleave through the Dwarven ranks.  Fully half of the Dwarfs are dead, their BSB has been crushed and eaten and the Ironguts are in a feeding frenzy.
The Gut Star reforms to face the battered Dwarven horde while the Mournfang move in to support
As Dwarf after Dwarf falls only their Lord and his Hammerer bodyguard can save them.  They have dispatched the Bulls of the Bone Splitters with ease and are now set to charge the rear of the Gut Star. But before they can Leadbelchers and the tribes Ironblaster pour a round of deadly fire into their ranks decimating them killing nearly 1/2 the unit.
The Warriors break and run having suffered heavily... the Gut Star gives chase
 In combat the Dwarven Warriors are destroyed - 90% of them have been killed, eaten or simply knocked out and stored away for later - the rest run but manage (only just) to escape the pursuing Gut Star.  Their plight is not done though as Gnoblars advancing around the tower (where the Irondrakes are still hiding) pursue them off the battlefield before charging into the surviving Dwarven warmachines.
Die Ogre Scum!!!
Filled with rage the Dwarven Lord seeks to avenge his fallen kin and along with his few surviving Hammerers they plow into the rear of the Gut Star.  Great Weapons on both sides rise and fall but once again the Dwarfs prove too frail and it is the Ogres who prevail.  Watching on in horror the Dwarven Lord and his Runesmith can only grimace as the entire Hammerer bodyguard is killed to a Dwarf.  They now stand alone as more Ogres advance on them.
Gnoblars advance around the Tower and charge the fleeing Dwarven Warriors chasing them off the board, before attacking the Dwarven artillery
The End is nigh for the Dwarfs.... While the Ogres are taken Wounds they still stand and the Dwarves are weakening by the second....

The End is Nigh...
Only in the rear of the army is victory of a sort being achieved as Quarrellers gain some success against the Mournfang.

The final stand
But victory is ours... the Stone Claws are victorious.  Tyrant "Fathead Dragonbreath" kills the Runesmith and then overwhelmed by shear weight of numbers the Dwarven Lord also falls but not before driving his axe through the skull of Bruiser "Marrowbreath Stinkfeet" - the heads of Dwarven Lord and Ogre Bruiser both lie on battlefield stained with blood, bone and the bodies of hundreds of Dwarfs.  Only a few Ogres are dead... the Stone Claws are bloodied, but now well fed... their exodus can continue..

Damn Ogres are fun to play

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