April 29, 2015

Farewell to my Elves & more X-Wing

Its been a pretty successful week Trade Me wise with all of my High Elf auctions getting snapped up. I put pretty much everything else up on Trade Me this morning with the exception of the only two models I am keeping - my Frostheart Phoenix and a Dragon because I like the models and I like to keep at least one thing from any collection I sell.

Of course the influx of coin is allowing me to expand my X-Wing collection, and pay a few bills. The most recent addition has been a Tie Advanced which seem to sell out incredibly quickly, guess everyone wants to run Darth Vadar in a list.

Also looking to expand my Rebels collection with a mixture of Z95's, E-Wings, A-Wings and maybe another X-Wing (but if I go that road I might just bite the bullet and order a 2nd Core set instead). The imperials will get a nice boost from the Lambda Shuttle but thats about it for them until the new Raider comes out in stores.

More X-Wing at the club last night - for a bit of variety I took a Han + Wedge list and once again struggled to use it properly.  Tie Swarms just seem to suit me better.  Han didn't help himself by getting Ioned and then landing on Asteroids continuously.

Jeff & Murray duke it out 

April 24, 2015

Retailer Review: Iconix Games & Comics NZ

With my recent X-Wing ordering frenzy I found myself using yet another new retailer (for me) Iconix Games & Comics in the Hawkes Bay.  My order with them consisted of:
  • X-Wing Millennium Falcon Expansion
  • X-Wing Dice Pack
  • X-Wing Tie Interceptor Expansion

I found Iconix via Google after the website for the retailer I have been using for X-Wing Games & Hobbies in Wellington (who are outstanding by the way) showed they were out of stock of what I wanted.  As a result I had to split my order between Iconix and Mighty Ape (who I was reluctant to use as their delivery times for Books can be appallingly slow).

The Online Store A-
Its not as clean as I would like but they do stock a lot of different gaming systems making the demands on presentation somewhat difficult.  The site has a good search function and clear links through the stores other online profiles e.g. Facebook.  One big plus with the site are the multiple tabs that allow you to quickly find information relating to the store, shipping, order tracking and other important issues.  They also have a contact function built into the website which is good to see.  

Ordering A
Simple to use and you have the option of registering your details for any future orders which I do like. The ordering system follows the standard multi stage order process which allows you to check your order, go back and modify it etc before confirming it.  There are also multiple postage options.  

Email notification of the order was incredibly quick and included links to track your order which is a big plus in my book for two reasons (1) I'm impatient so like to know where things are at and (2) if you know when a parcel is arriving it gives you time to catch it and hide it before the wife sees it.

Payment Options A
They have the standard ones available including PayPal (which strangely some local online stores don't).  This time round I used PayPal.

Delivery AA++
What can I say.... delivery is the key reason I wanted to post this review.  I finished the online order and got an email confirmation at 10:28 am.  My package turned up at home that afternoon - THE SAME DAY - just superb!!!!  The only disappointed parties were my kids who are used to my orders from some stores turning up with treats in them e.g. Lollipops from the now defunct Slave to Painting and Chocolate from Games and Hobbies.

So overall a big thumbs up from Stumpy-Heaven for Iconix Games

April 23, 2015

Latest X-Wing acquisitions & this weeks games

The auctions haven't finished yet and I don't have the dosh in my account yet but my High Elves (and some FOW) are selling well so by Monday I'll have a nice chunk of spare cash in my account to play with.  Consequently, I couldn't help myself as I'm terribly impatient and placed orders today with Iconix and Mighty Ape for the following new additions to my X-Wing collection (The local retailer I have been using for X-Wing Games and Hobbies was unfortunately out of stock).

Because even with the new FAQ it's still a freaking awesome ship

April 21, 2015

Escalation list for first X-Wing Store Champs

Only 2 and bit weeks to go until I attend my first X-Wing store champs an Escalation event at Cerberus Games in Wellington and I'm very much looking forward to it.  Not expecting much from myself as my experience with the game is still limited but I am expecting to have a very good time.

I'm also expecting to get a lot more ships soon as my High Elves are selling pretty well on Trade Me which will allow me to fund several new purchases... just have to decide what I want first.

My final escalation lists for Cerberus
Worked through a number of different options but settled on the lists I put together the first time round.  I like them as they provide a strong balance between hull points, attack dice and ship numbers. The format means that if you want to take a big ship you can only take 1 or at possibly 2 non-tricked out low pilot skill ships e.g. two outer rim smugglers would cost you 54pts but then you lose a lot of the bonuses you want from those elite pilots and have a horrible PS.

Anyway my final lists are:

April 19, 2015

X-Wing Weekend of fun: home and away

Had a great day of X winging on Sat with 4 of us getting some good games in.  A lot movement this time round.  Used a mix of lists and had some very good games... Learned that Y wings are hard to kill.  Used my Sontir Fel swarm list for first couple of games against Imperials and Scum

Sontir’s Swarm
Sontir Fel – PS9
[Elite] Push the limit
[Mod] Hull upgrade
[Title] Royal Guard Tie
[Mod] Targeting computer
Mauler Mithel – PS7
[Elite] Swarm Tactics
Howlrunner  - PS8
[Elite] Swarm Tactics
Academy Pilot – PS1

Academy Pilot – PS1


List works really well (at least for me) and this time I flew the Tie's in a lose swarm so I didn't have to worry about trying to formation fly them.
Imperial factions battle for control - notice my repainted Sontir

April 18, 2015

High Elves for sale

Taking the plunge and admitting that I simply don't enjoy using my High Elves.  Will be putting the whole lot up on Trade Me over the next few days.

Listings are here

If you search my blog you can see what they look like.  Also putting some of my FOW stuff up as well.

April 17, 2015

GF9 X Wing play mat

Got this little beauty in the post this morning.  Looks great not quite what I expected in terms of the backing material but still very good quality.  Also some good service from Seriously Board in Wellington.

Only thing left to do is to put some masking tape around the back of the edges to strengthen it.x

April 16, 2015

X-Wing Squad lists used so far, where to for Escalation

Having a decent Squad Builder on my phone I've been spending a fair bit of time making and re-making Squadron lists but like most players (I suspect) only a few of those have seen combat.  So far I've taken the following lists into action (that I can recall).

The 3 Amigos
Sontir Fel – PS9
[Elite] Push the limit
[Mod] Shield upgrade
[Title] Royal guard Tie
[Mod] Targeting computer
Tur Phennir – PS7
[Elite] Outmanoeuvre
[Mod] Hull upgrade
Carnor Jax – PS8
[Elite] Push the limit
[Mod] Hull upgrade

X-Wing updates & the future of WHFB/FOW?

Its only been a few weeks but I am absolutely loving X-Wing and my collection, or at least what I want to collect, is nearly complete.  My latest acquisition was this little beauty a Tie Defender.  I was considering the Phantom but liked the look of the defender more and its ability to do a 'white' Korrigan turn.

April 10, 2015

X-Wing: Double Boba Fett and useful software

Our FLGS the Bad 'Silver' Cave provided a good venue for Jeff and I to engage in yet more X-Wing last night.  This time Jeff brought along some new toys in the form of 3 Slave's - 2 for him and 1 for me.  Consequently, our first game pitted my Imperial Boba Fett and a couple of Interceptors vs. his Scum Boba Fett and some chick who was rather nasty.

Game 1 highlights and lessons for me were seeing the 3 Slaves roaring around the table top and the remarkable maneuvers that resulted from big ships bending and twisting everywhere.  Did learn that putting a target lock on someone so you can use Homing Missiles and then following them around at Range 1 is kind of pointless, and I really need to LOOK at my upgrade cards before ending any activation with each ship.

Game 2 pitted a list I like - Carnor Jax with an accompanying Tie Swarm consisting of 2 Academy Pilots, Mauler Mithel with Swarm Tactics and Howlrunner with Swarm Tactics against 2 rather freaky looking and upgrade card heavy scum ships.

Turn 2 didn't go too well for me when I banked Mauler Mithel off the table edge after turning the dial the wrong way but Howlrunner proved useful especially when Jeff failed to roll anything but blanks on his dice for IG88.  Result after 2-3 turns of shooting was a dead scum ship - but not before my own had taken a ton of damage.

My typical combo (so far) of Stealth Device + Shield upgrade on my Interceptors needs reworking I think... but either way I am still loving the game.

Next purchases are another Tie expansion to give me 4 ships and a Tie Advanced as I want to run Darth Vadar just for a themed list.  

I've also found some useful software, principally for my phone, to help with my new X-Wing obsession.  Guessing the community knows about these already but for the record they are:
  • X Wing Squadron Builder - Effective, easy to use and very informative list builder Google App
  • X Wing Inventory Management - Excel file from the official forums, very useful
  • X Wing Companion - Fantastic App that gives you FULL details on every wave, set, card, ship etc released by FFG in full colour. Extremely useful for learning stuff and planning future purchases as it tells you whats in each set.

April 6, 2015

X-Wing Carnage or "Asteroids are annoying"

Very enjoyable morning at Jeff's place playing X-Wing.  We managed to get through 3 games including trying the first mission in the Core Rulebook - really a hard one for Jeff with the mission allowing me to bring in reinforcements.

I ran 2 different lists on the day - for Games 1 & 2 I took the old Tie Fighter Swarm with:

  • Carnor Jax - Stealth, Shield
  • Howler - Swarm Tactics
  • Carnor Jax - Swarm Tactics
  • Academy Pilot
  • Academy Pilot
For the 3rd game I went all Tie Interceptor - Carnor Jax, Tur Phennir & a standard TI pilot.  Up against my stuff Jeff took his Scum list A-Wings plus a character filled Millenium Falcon list with Han, Luke and Chewy all on the Falcon.

The Swarms looking good - at least until I try to move it in more than a straight line.  The Rebel Shuttle is not far off though
The Scum ships get diverted by the Swarm as Carnor loops around the back and heads for the Shuttle
GOT YOU!!! Scum ships move the wrong way and the Swarm has the Shuttle surrounded 
Game 2 - and with asteroids everywhere we swing our respective forces around the board edge.  The swarm splits up fairly rapidly and Carnor manages to run into the first floating rock that he sees.
Looking better now - SCUM in our gun sights but another ship has hit a damn Asteroid and Carnor's nearly dead
Ah!!! Higher Pilot Skill Scum getting first shots has taken out 1/2 the swarm and Carnor hits another stupid Asteroid
GAME 3 - Its the Super Falcon and 2 A-Wings against 3 Interceptors and Asteroids aren't the only problem as ships crash into each other with alarming regularity
Despite a lot of agility the Interceptors keep taking damage and the Falcon has too many hull/shield points.  While the A-Wings can be out manoeuvred the turret on the Falcon cannot be avoided 
An A-Wing gets cornered (sort of) but the Ties can't finish it off as Han blasts away
More lessons learnt - first, asteroids are freaking annoying and make Swarms hard to manage.  Second, practising moving swarms is great until you get into an actual game and you move the ships in the wrong order. Third - the Falcon is hard to shoot down especially when you have other enemy ships zipping around everywhere... who do you fire at first???

Finally - this game is FUN!!! Looking forward to more of it.

April 1, 2015

X-Wing a go go: first club games

Instead of one game of WHFB I managed to get in 3 very enjoyable games of X-Wing at the club last night up against Jeff Kent.  In game 1 it was my Howler Swarm list (see last post) against Wedge and the Millennium Falcon flown by Luke and Chewy.  After that I brought out a 4 ship Elite Interceptor list and Jeff opted for his Scum Squadron.  Very different games but unfortunately for me the same result losses in each one.  But the game is a hell of a lot of fun!!!

The Falcon and Carnor Jax crash into each-other
I did learn a few things though

  • Practice, practice, practice moving your Swarm - its harder than it looks.  
  • Get the movement order right when moving your ships.
  • Barrel rolling is awesome.
  • Read and REMEMBER your ships abilities.
  • Stealth is a great upgrade
  • Free actions are awesome.
  • Shields on enemy ships are horrible.
  • If your going to shoot at someone, shoot everything at them.
  • Getting everyone into a position to fire at the same target is difficult.
  • No plan survives its first encounter with the enemy... (someone said this Clauswitz or someone similar) and it works for X-Wing.

Wedge gets a nice flank shot as the Swarm goes the wrong way

Not much of a Swarm left hopefully Sontir Fel can get some payback.
Scum are hard to kill if you don't know what you're doing... which well... I didn't really
What we like to see - ships everywhere
We had two games running on the same table with McCrae & Caleb grabbing some spare ships and working through the quick-fire rule set before moving onto something more challenging.  While Jeff and I kept our ships spaced apart for most of our games McCrae & Caleb seemed intent on creating a massive pile up in the center of the board.