April 29, 2015

Farewell to my Elves & more X-Wing

Its been a pretty successful week Trade Me wise with all of my High Elf auctions getting snapped up. I put pretty much everything else up on Trade Me this morning with the exception of the only two models I am keeping - my Frostheart Phoenix and a Dragon because I like the models and I like to keep at least one thing from any collection I sell.

Of course the influx of coin is allowing me to expand my X-Wing collection, and pay a few bills. The most recent addition has been a Tie Advanced which seem to sell out incredibly quickly, guess everyone wants to run Darth Vadar in a list.

Also looking to expand my Rebels collection with a mixture of Z95's, E-Wings, A-Wings and maybe another X-Wing (but if I go that road I might just bite the bullet and order a 2nd Core set instead). The imperials will get a nice boost from the Lambda Shuttle but thats about it for them until the new Raider comes out in stores.

More X-Wing at the club last night - for a bit of variety I took a Han + Wedge list and once again struggled to use it properly.  Tie Swarms just seem to suit me better.  Han didn't help himself by getting Ioned and then landing on Asteroids continuously.

Jeff & Murray duke it out 

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