April 24, 2015

Retailer Review: Iconix Games & Comics NZ

With my recent X-Wing ordering frenzy I found myself using yet another new retailer (for me) Iconix Games & Comics in the Hawkes Bay.  My order with them consisted of:
  • X-Wing Millennium Falcon Expansion
  • X-Wing Dice Pack
  • X-Wing Tie Interceptor Expansion

I found Iconix via Google after the website for the retailer I have been using for X-Wing Games & Hobbies in Wellington (who are outstanding by the way) showed they were out of stock of what I wanted.  As a result I had to split my order between Iconix and Mighty Ape (who I was reluctant to use as their delivery times for Books can be appallingly slow).

The Online Store A-
Its not as clean as I would like but they do stock a lot of different gaming systems making the demands on presentation somewhat difficult.  The site has a good search function and clear links through the stores other online profiles e.g. Facebook.  One big plus with the site are the multiple tabs that allow you to quickly find information relating to the store, shipping, order tracking and other important issues.  They also have a contact function built into the website which is good to see.  

Ordering A
Simple to use and you have the option of registering your details for any future orders which I do like. The ordering system follows the standard multi stage order process which allows you to check your order, go back and modify it etc before confirming it.  There are also multiple postage options.  

Email notification of the order was incredibly quick and included links to track your order which is a big plus in my book for two reasons (1) I'm impatient so like to know where things are at and (2) if you know when a parcel is arriving it gives you time to catch it and hide it before the wife sees it.

Payment Options A
They have the standard ones available including PayPal (which strangely some local online stores don't).  This time round I used PayPal.

Delivery AA++
What can I say.... delivery is the key reason I wanted to post this review.  I finished the online order and got an email confirmation at 10:28 am.  My package turned up at home that afternoon - THE SAME DAY - just superb!!!!  The only disappointed parties were my kids who are used to my orders from some stores turning up with treats in them e.g. Lollipops from the now defunct Slave to Painting and Chocolate from Games and Hobbies.

So overall a big thumbs up from Stumpy-Heaven for Iconix Games

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