April 6, 2015

X-Wing Carnage or "Asteroids are annoying"

Very enjoyable morning at Jeff's place playing X-Wing.  We managed to get through 3 games including trying the first mission in the Core Rulebook - really a hard one for Jeff with the mission allowing me to bring in reinforcements.

I ran 2 different lists on the day - for Games 1 & 2 I took the old Tie Fighter Swarm with:

  • Carnor Jax - Stealth, Shield
  • Howler - Swarm Tactics
  • Carnor Jax - Swarm Tactics
  • Academy Pilot
  • Academy Pilot
For the 3rd game I went all Tie Interceptor - Carnor Jax, Tur Phennir & a standard TI pilot.  Up against my stuff Jeff took his Scum list A-Wings plus a character filled Millenium Falcon list with Han, Luke and Chewy all on the Falcon.

The Swarms looking good - at least until I try to move it in more than a straight line.  The Rebel Shuttle is not far off though
The Scum ships get diverted by the Swarm as Carnor loops around the back and heads for the Shuttle
GOT YOU!!! Scum ships move the wrong way and the Swarm has the Shuttle surrounded 
Game 2 - and with asteroids everywhere we swing our respective forces around the board edge.  The swarm splits up fairly rapidly and Carnor manages to run into the first floating rock that he sees.
Looking better now - SCUM in our gun sights but another ship has hit a damn Asteroid and Carnor's nearly dead
Ah!!! Higher Pilot Skill Scum getting first shots has taken out 1/2 the swarm and Carnor hits another stupid Asteroid
GAME 3 - Its the Super Falcon and 2 A-Wings against 3 Interceptors and Asteroids aren't the only problem as ships crash into each other with alarming regularity
Despite a lot of agility the Interceptors keep taking damage and the Falcon has too many hull/shield points.  While the A-Wings can be out manoeuvred the turret on the Falcon cannot be avoided 
An A-Wing gets cornered (sort of) but the Ties can't finish it off as Han blasts away
More lessons learnt - first, asteroids are freaking annoying and make Swarms hard to manage.  Second, practising moving swarms is great until you get into an actual game and you move the ships in the wrong order. Third - the Falcon is hard to shoot down especially when you have other enemy ships zipping around everywhere... who do you fire at first???

Finally - this game is FUN!!! Looking forward to more of it.

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Jeffrey Kent said...

Great fun as always mate.