April 10, 2015

X-Wing: Double Boba Fett and useful software

Our FLGS the Bad 'Silver' Cave provided a good venue for Jeff and I to engage in yet more X-Wing last night.  This time Jeff brought along some new toys in the form of 3 Slave's - 2 for him and 1 for me.  Consequently, our first game pitted my Imperial Boba Fett and a couple of Interceptors vs. his Scum Boba Fett and some chick who was rather nasty.

Game 1 highlights and lessons for me were seeing the 3 Slaves roaring around the table top and the remarkable maneuvers that resulted from big ships bending and twisting everywhere.  Did learn that putting a target lock on someone so you can use Homing Missiles and then following them around at Range 1 is kind of pointless, and I really need to LOOK at my upgrade cards before ending any activation with each ship.

Game 2 pitted a list I like - Carnor Jax with an accompanying Tie Swarm consisting of 2 Academy Pilots, Mauler Mithel with Swarm Tactics and Howlrunner with Swarm Tactics against 2 rather freaky looking and upgrade card heavy scum ships.

Turn 2 didn't go too well for me when I banked Mauler Mithel off the table edge after turning the dial the wrong way but Howlrunner proved useful especially when Jeff failed to roll anything but blanks on his dice for IG88.  Result after 2-3 turns of shooting was a dead scum ship - but not before my own had taken a ton of damage.

My typical combo (so far) of Stealth Device + Shield upgrade on my Interceptors needs reworking I think... but either way I am still loving the game.

Next purchases are another Tie expansion to give me 4 ships and a Tie Advanced as I want to run Darth Vadar just for a themed list.  

I've also found some useful software, principally for my phone, to help with my new X-Wing obsession.  Guessing the community knows about these already but for the record they are:
  • X Wing Squadron Builder - Effective, easy to use and very informative list builder Google App
  • X Wing Inventory Management - Excel file from the official forums, very useful
  • X Wing Companion - Fantastic App that gives you FULL details on every wave, set, card, ship etc released by FFG in full colour. Extremely useful for learning stuff and planning future purchases as it tells you whats in each set.

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