April 1, 2015

X-Wing a go go: first club games

Instead of one game of WHFB I managed to get in 3 very enjoyable games of X-Wing at the club last night up against Jeff Kent.  In game 1 it was my Howler Swarm list (see last post) against Wedge and the Millennium Falcon flown by Luke and Chewy.  After that I brought out a 4 ship Elite Interceptor list and Jeff opted for his Scum Squadron.  Very different games but unfortunately for me the same result losses in each one.  But the game is a hell of a lot of fun!!!

The Falcon and Carnor Jax crash into each-other
I did learn a few things though

  • Practice, practice, practice moving your Swarm - its harder than it looks.  
  • Get the movement order right when moving your ships.
  • Barrel rolling is awesome.
  • Read and REMEMBER your ships abilities.
  • Stealth is a great upgrade
  • Free actions are awesome.
  • Shields on enemy ships are horrible.
  • If your going to shoot at someone, shoot everything at them.
  • Getting everyone into a position to fire at the same target is difficult.
  • No plan survives its first encounter with the enemy... (someone said this Clauswitz or someone similar) and it works for X-Wing.

Wedge gets a nice flank shot as the Swarm goes the wrong way

Not much of a Swarm left hopefully Sontir Fel can get some payback.
Scum are hard to kill if you don't know what you're doing... which well... I didn't really
What we like to see - ships everywhere
We had two games running on the same table with McCrae & Caleb grabbing some spare ships and working through the quick-fire rule set before moving onto something more challenging.  While Jeff and I kept our ships spaced apart for most of our games McCrae & Caleb seemed intent on creating a massive pile up in the center of the board.


Ben Brophy said...

I started reading your posts for WHFB, but I am a bigger X-Wing fan, so score. How did Lone Wolf on Turr Phennir go for you? I have had a hard time making Lone Wolf work unless it is a two ship list.

Paul Waechter said...

Practicing your flying is crucial! In the few games I've played, I've always been mildly surprised at where my ships have ended up. They're not always where I intended or thought them to be :-)

Admiral Drax said...

Glad you had fun,, mate: it really is a corker of a great game!