April 16, 2015

X-Wing updates & the future of WHFB/FOW?

Its only been a few weeks but I am absolutely loving X-Wing and my collection, or at least what I want to collect, is nearly complete.  My latest acquisition was this little beauty a Tie Defender.  I was considering the Phantom but liked the look of the defender more and its ability to do a 'white' Korrigan turn.

Also on order from local retailer 'Seriously Board' is a GF9 gaming mat which will make the whole playing experience just that little bit better.  Relatively cheap for what it is, comparable to the now OOP GW gaming mats and better than the other alternatives I was considering (painting my table top or getting a giant space photo printed and laminated).

X-Wing Events
Cerberus Games in Wellington also posted details of a 1-day Escalation event in May that I am going to attend.  It's using escalation rules which will be different but attending a X-Wing tournament/event will make a nice change of pace.  The Wellington Warlords are also offering X-Wing at Call to Arms this year in August which will either be a 1 or 2 day affair.  

I've been to 5 Call to Arms events now (2009-2012 & 2014) and they are fantastic events.  Well organised, great venue, and some very enjoyable games.  In the past I've mixed it up with attending the FOW or WHFB events so X-Wing will be a nice change of pace especially if it gives you the option of attending 1 or 2 days.

X-Wing Collection to date
I'm focusing on Imperials as I'm attracted to the Tie Fighter Swarm - despite my inability to move it properly - and because I like the 'Good' guys in any fight.  But because my kids are big Star Wars fans I've also got a small Rebel collection which at the moment stands at 2 X-Wings soon to be joined by the Millennium Falcon. But it won't get any bigger than that.

Imperials so far I have:
  • 4 x Tie Fighters (Core set + 2 expansions)
  • 3 x Tie Interceptors (Imperial Aces + expansion)
  • 1 x Tie Defender
  • 1 x Slave 1
The only thing missing from this is a Tie Advanced so I can take Darth Vadar and possibly a Shuttle, although my man interest in that vessel are the cards that come with it.

X-Wing Cards & modifications
For official events including store champs you have to use the official upgrade cards that come with various sets, but like most people I've found that you cannot get access to the cards you want/need without buying certain ships that you may not want/need.  Consequently, I've created my own versions which are the same size as the originals including images front and back covering all of the current upgrades.  They look OK and work well for friendly games.

To go with my new gaming mat I thought I'd give the asteroids in the picture above a go.  Shouldn't be too difficult to make them and it will give the table a really nice look.  Have also been looking a various custom paint jobs for X-Wing models and did try a couple last night - but opted to keep it simple painting a couple of simple red stripes on 2 Tie Fighters (for the Elite guys) and painting 1 Tie Inteceptor (the one without stripes) Green.  But that will be it for my custom painting... I am not as brave as the guy in the picture below

From Bell of Lost Souls check out link

Finally whats up with WHFB & FOW??
July this year my local club the Duellists is hosting Panzershrek run by Jeff Kent who has done a superb job organising it getting all 24 places booked out 2 months before it kicks off (by comparison NATCON in Auckland this year had 9... that's right just 9 WHFB players - shame on you Auckland). 

Other than that I am not sure where I am going with WHFB & FOW.  I seriously considered selling off my entire FOW collection as well as my WHFB High Elves (as I really don't enjoy playing them) but found that I just can't do it.  Taking Ogres to Panzershrek which is being run under ETC rules... Dwarfs would work well but I'm enjoying Ogres too much right now.

But as for the rest of the year who knows???  


John Fletcher said...

Good to see your enjoying x-wing ill be at my brothers next weekend trying out an escalation list as will he for the store event at cerberus games

John Murrie said...

Im looking forward to that event although it a on Mothers Day so had to get spousal approval first.... As she stated gamers obviously didn't think about their mum's first

John Murrie said...
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