May 8, 2015

Cerberus Games Escalation List: Ready to go!!

After much umming and ahhing here is the list I will taking to Cerberus Games Escalation Event in Wellington on Sunday. Had to make one change to it as I have lost an upgrade card somehow, but it should still work.  Anyway my final list with pictures of the ships, pilot & upgrade cards and what gets added at each phase of the competition is:

ROUND 1 - 59/60 points
 Veteran Instincts  

ROUND 2 - 90/90 points
   Veteran Instincts  


ROUND 3 - 120/120 points
  Veteran Instincts  

ROUND 4 - 150/150 points
   Veteran Instincts  

I would have a Fire Control System upgrade on Echo but I lost the card (GRRR!!) so can't use it regardless the list should be fun to use.  Going with Echo over Whisper as I like the his curved de-cloak move.  Gives you a lot more options for messing with people.

1 comment:

Peter Dunn said...

Jeff Kent offered me a FCS upgrade card for Echo. I'd check if he has one spare😐