May 15, 2015

SCGT comp (Revenge of the Triffids!)

Kia Ora,

I am McCrae and this will be my first post, of many [fingers crossed].

I bit of background first. I am an avid Warhammer Fantasy player. I played and painted a lot when I was younger but I got back into the hobby a couple of years ago. I consider myself a player first and hobbyist and painter second, but I am working on the hobby aspect! I play with John in Palmerston North. Currently I have an extensive Dwarf army, a mostly painted Chaos Dwarf army, a Wood Elf army and some Brettonians and High Elves in a box.

In this post I am going to discuss the HomeCon tournament run by Pete Dunn in Wellington next weekend. He is running the SCGT comp pack which can be found here:

It is a radically different comp pack. The points breakdown is a 20-0 system with a twist. You get:

  •  4 TP’s for maintaining your fortitude
  •  4 TP’s for breaking your opponent’s fortitude
  •  4 TP’s for denying your opponent’s secret mission
  •  4 TP’s for successfully completing your mission
  • 4 TP’s for Scoring 200 VP’s more than your opponent (2 Each if neither player achieves this objective)
Simplified versions of the secret missions are as follows:

 Cut off the head!
Kill the opposing General (only the general himself needs to be killed not the mount.)

Capture the Flag!
Seize more standard points than your opponent. Each Standard is worth 1 The BSB counts as 2.

Surgical strike!
Destroy more special and rare choices from your opponent’s army than you lose yourself. A draw is a fail.

Hold the Towers!
Have more buildings captured than your opponent, to capture a building you must have either a scoring unit garrisoned within it or a scoring unit with a single model within 3 inches if the building is unoccupied by your opponent.

Divide the Table into 4 equal quarters. Score more domination points then your opponent to win this mission, each quarter in your half is worth 1 point and each in their half is worth 2. To Score you must have most scoring units in a table quarter.

Take the High Ground!
Capture more Hills than your opponent. To capture a hill your must have the most scoring units with the majority of the models on the Hill.

The comp system is where each army has soft and hard choices. You are allowed up to 5 of each. The starting comp is 5 and with every ‘hard’ choice you make you lose a point. With every ‘soft’ choice you make you gain a point. If you have a higher score than your opponent you get +1 to all rolls to choose the scenario, roll to see who goes first, table sides, vanguards etc. If you more than double the opponent you get +2 to these rolls.

With looking at the comp pack it seems that you need a balanced army which has a number of aspects:

  • High fortitude
  • Hard-to-kill general
  • Tactical comp score
  • Big scoring units to gain objectives
  • Moveable units
  •  Killing power
  •  Not too many special/rare units and banners
This is a difficult balance to achieve. I think in general you want an army that fits in with your current playstyle that is modified to be able to achieve all, if not all of the above. Having had a look at the top players at the actual SCGT tournament, apart from the players which took the crutch of Kairos Fateweaver, Furion [Jerzy Brzozowski] seemed to have one the best armies that take into account these considerations:

High Elves
Prince on Star Dragon: Heavy Armor, Lion Cloak, Shield, Dragonhelm, 4+ ward, TOTS, Sword of might,
Prince on Barded Steed: General, Dragon Armor, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone, +2s,
Archmage on Steed: L4, High, Dispel Scroll,
Noble on Steed: BSB, Spear, Shield, Heavy Armor, Banner of World Dragon,
5 Silver Helms: Shields, Musician, Champion,
15 Silver Helms: Shields, FCG,
5 Ellyrian Reavers: Champion,
1 Lothern Skycutter,
1 Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower,
1 Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower,
1 Frostheart Phoenix,
Models in Army: 30
Total Army Cost: 2400

This was a comp of 3 using hard comp points for the Star Dragon, Frosty and BOTWD and soft comp points for the Skycutter. This is a tough list with a lot of killing power (Big bus and Star Dragon), good magic and magic defence (L4 High and BOTWD) and a lot of shooting. It has fortitude of only 4 but all of this is inside the Silver Helm bus so it is very difficult to get. The general is in the bus which lets the Prince on the Star dragon run around causing havoc without the risk of losing the general or fortitude. It is highly mobile and able to gain some objectives, especially in the last turn (due to movement 9 on the general and BSB which can pop out of units). The score of 3 is tactical as it is only doubled by lists of 7 which are considered quite soft. It has few weaknesses. Obviously taking buildings is going to be tough when using an entirely mounted army and the Dragon will not like cannons. Otherwise this list can achieve most of the objectives and is still super solid.

So what to take?! I originally thought to take some Chaos Dwarfs. I wrote up this list which I thought could compete well:

Sorcerer Prophet, Level 4, Lore of Hashut/Metal, Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted Shield, Lammasu, Level 2, Shadow/Death, Dispell Scroll,
Daemonsmith, Lore of Fire, Charmed Shield
25 Hobgoblins, Shields; Musician, Standard
26 Hobgoblins, Shields; Full Command
26 Hobgoblins, Shields; Full Command
39 Hobgoblins, Shields; Full Command
Deathshrieker Rocket
Deathshrieker Rocket
K’daii Destroyer

So lots of Fortitude, tough general with a 1+4++(2++vs Magic), excellent magic, a ton of shooting and 4 big units to hold objectives. Oh, and the crutch that is a k’daii. All for a comp of 5 with 5 soft choices and 5 hard choices.

The general is not as defensible as I would like due to being on a monster but the sheer amount of shooting in this list is tough to counter. It is actually a very good counter to Furion’s HE list. So, with the option to take this tough list that I would be happy to take to a no-comp tournament, what did I do? I decided to be a numpty and go for the fluff option and decided to take this (I must be getting sentimental in my old age):

Treeman Ancient, Level 3, Lore of life, general
Treeman Ancient, Level 4, lore of Undeath
Branchwraith, Lore of Life
Spellsinger, Dispell Scroll, Lore of Metal
14 Glade Guard, Full Command, Hagbane Arrows
10 Glade Guard, Full Command, Trueflight Arrows
10 Glade Guard, Full Command, Trueflight Arrows
5 Wild Riders, Standard, Shields
5 Wild Riders, Standard, Shields
9 Scouts, Hagbane Arrows
Treeman, Strangleroot
Treeman, Strangleroot

A good wood elf list would have a big unit of sisters of the thorn with a level 4 Highweaver and a BSB in it that should never die and do the same job as that BOTWD bus in Furion’s list. Chuck in a lot of scouts, double waywatchers, wild riders glade guard, warhawk riders and a branchwraith to keep the comp up and your away laughing.

However I saw a blog post by a guy on the Asrai Wood Elf Forum where he was using a 5 Treemen list and it looked like so much fun. So here we are, but with this list there is some method to the madness, I have:

Comp of 8
3 Infantry units for hills and buildings
4 Stubborn monsters
4 Lore of life levels without the comp hit
Through the lore of undeath the ability to cast cheap tar pits and redirectors if needs be or casket/terrorgheist if I get lucky
A tough general (who will be hiding behind a house if I see cannons by the way) with an 18 inch Ld10 bubble
5 Banners + General (Fortitude of 7)
Lots of shooting
Ability to heal monsters

The list will really struggle to deal with individual flyers and combat hero’s but with the stubborn monsters and the ability to challenge out characters the Treemen Ancients will be surprisingly difficult to budge. And if in doubt: 6 dice The Dwellers Below on that bus or summon that Terrogheist on the flank.

Regardless it should be interesting, now I should get back to the 43 archers and 10 Wild Riders I have committed to painting before next Friday… Pictures will follow at some stage.

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