May 17, 2015

Repainted X-Wing miniatures: Slave1 - Firespray

You don't have to paint X-Wing models but a lot of people do and I've jumped on the band wagon as well.  Some ships are easier to paint than others the Firespray in particular - it was also in need of a paint job as its original paint job is somewhat "unfortunate".
The colour palette I used was randomly chosen rather than a deliberate attempt to create something and to be honest dictated by what GW paints I have left that haven't dried out.  But surprisingly it turned out pretty well.  The black lines proved harder to do so in the end I cheated and used a pen rather than paint.

What the model looks like when you purchase it
The red is Mechrite Red base with a Red Gore layer
The blue is GW Regal Blue base with GW Ultramarines blue layer
The White has a GW Fortress Gray base, GW Fenresian Gray layer and then Skull White top
The all black rear engine area was my daughters idea and it worked pretty well - not sure if I forgot to paint one engine or not though
The pen I used was a standard ink one with a 0.1mm nib which fitted perfectly into the lines between each section of colour on the model.  Next on the painting list are my X-Wings/Z-95s once I figure out what I want to do with them.

I guess I should also finish off my unit of Dwarven Slayers as well if I am going to take them to Panzershrek.


McCrae said...

Looks really good!

John Murrie said...

Thanks mate

Chozo Hybrid said...

Awesomely done and somewhat patriotic.