May 11, 2015

X-Wing Escalation wrap up

I'm back from my first ever official X-Wing event this was a lot of fun and a great day of gaming.  Plus and at just one day it was an easier trip away than the typical WHFB event. Escalation made for some interesting lists but the balance seemed to be fairly even with no one faction dominating among the 16 players, although there were only 2-3 Scum players. Neither the rebel or imperial players stuck to one particular list and the meta showed a large amount of variation; overall there was only 1 Han Solo in the entire event and a spread of ship types including A, B, X, Y & E-Wings. A couple of Rebel players also took HWK’s which was interesting, Z95 spam got some takers, Tie Swarms are not dead and a Shuttle even made an appearance.
One the gaming tables

Gaming wise I saw some very cool custom paint jobs including a Tie Fighter painted up like a graffiti version seen in the cartoon Star Wars Rebels (Disney XD channel for those of you with sky). There were also custom templates and tokens galore, painted ship stands, laminated and sleeved cards and some seriously large collections.

The table tops were fantastic custom painted pieces of chipboard. But they were incredibly slippery making it hard to move ships and asteroids during each game. One player did have wads of blue tac on the bottom of his ships which helped keep them in place and that’s something I’ll try this week at the club.

Tactics/list wise I learnt a few things including some good E-Wing ideas which given my latest acquisitions will come in handy and the event reinforced my belief that shooting first is king. Got better at moving too including keeping Ties’s in formation.

I  managed 1 win out of 4 games and came close to winning a 2nd the smaller points games proved the hardest to play and I lost count of the number of times I forgot to de-cloak the Phantom. Participants also got some nice bling for turning up (the winners naturally got more), bling that was more than useful given the list I took – a Cloak Token and an alternative Tie Bomber Scimitar Pilot Card (original on left, alternative bling card on right).

Round 1 vs. Alastair @ 60pts
Up against a bare bones Z95 and Han Solo with no upgrades I didn’t help myself but moving badly leaving 1 and at times both Tie Fighters with nothing to shoot at. Echo also missed a lot but I was out played with Alastair moving the Falcon extremely well. With 3 ships to his 2 I had a slight advantage and did managed to strip the shields of the Falcon, but Echo went down very quickly and after that it was game over as the Tie’s couldn’t do enough damage. One seemed to spend the game flying a Figure-8 pattern around 2 particular asteroids.

Han just won't die
Round 2 vs. Brent @ 90pts
Really enjoyed this game, Brent (like myself) hadn’t been playing long and his Imperial list stood out as he took a Shuttle and a Tie Bomber along with Dark Curse, Backstabber and an Academy Pilot. There was a lot of good movement all round and Brent in particular had a knack of setting up at list 1-2 ships in good firing positions. Echo didn’t help himself by turning the wrong way a couple of times and I struggled with the bendy de-cloak of his. Soontir proved a nasty shock for Brent but when it counted most I couldn’t get any hits and with my other ships crashing into stuff he was able to whittle me down pretty quickly. Time ended before he could move in for the kill but I at least managed to kill something this time round. Final points tallies (kills) were 16-42 in Brents favour.

Round 3 vs. Michael @ 120pts
An awesome rolling dog-fight of a game with melee’s breaking out and moving all over the board. Mike’s list was very interesting and really built itself around a synergetic combination of different unique pilot skills and ship upgrades. His list consisted of: Kyle Katarn (HWK-290), Gemmer Sojan (E-Wing), Etahn A’baht (E-Wing), A-Wing & a Z-95. Ethan was brutal giving any friendly ship with 1-3 the ability to change a hit to a critical. However, looking at the rules after the event I see that this rule only applies to ships within Etahn’s firing arc not anywhere in Range 1-3 which is how Mike was playing it; another important lesson in learning the rules (and having your phone battery not run out on you so you can check them yourself).

The first of many confused dog-fights during this battle

The end result were ship losses on both sides including all of my Tie’s and a final tally of 43-54 in Mike’s favour giving him a modified win.

Round 4 – vs. Ian @ 150pts
Last game and last chance to secure a win against another rebel player whose squadron consisted of 2 B-Wings, Coran Horn, Jake Farrell, and Roark Garnet. Asteroid placement was rather random as it was with the other 3 games (no-one seemed to consider moving table sides after asteroid placement so maybe this is frowned on here or like WHFB people just don’t do it). I rushed my two Interceptors up one flank while Echo and the Swarm moved up the other. Ian shifted his entire Squadron right to take out the Interceptors but only managed to take down one. I finally got Echo moving properly – in between forgetting to de-cloak a couple of times – and with Ian’s ships in a bad position got the Swarm and Echo to power down on a shoot his HWK down early.

(Unfortunately my phone battery gave out so I couldn't take any pics during this match)

 This left him with 1 ship with able to shoot before mine and with the dice going my way and some good movement I was able to target individual ships en-mass and start doing some serious damage. Unfortunately for Ian while he was scoring a lot of ships he couldn’t finish any of my guys off. My only loss was the Royal Guard Interceptor in Turn 2 but all of my Tie Fighters had 2 damage on them. But I was able to get my ships into better positions nearly every time and in the end Ian had a single A Wing up against 6 of my ships and the win was mine 149-22.


RED SCORPS said...

Hey man, I've loved reading through the progress of your X-wing league, really cool! I hope I can find something like this when the time is right, it seems like it would be a great way to get into the game.

Chozo Hybrid said...

Brent here: I really enjoyed the game with you as well, and I seemed to surprise people by using the shuttle in that list, but it proved worth it as it managed to help out in a few games. I look forward to facing you again at some point :D

John Murrie said...

@ Red - thanks for reading, glad your liking it. I was helped as a small group of us got into the game at the same time. Plus there's a good local community playing it.

@ Brent - nice to hear from you. I've registered for both days of the X-Wing event at Call to Arms in August maybe Ill see you there.

Chozo Hybrid said...

I'll look into it, it's been a very long time since I went to a Warlords event. About 12 years possibly (when I was playing 40k)

Chozo Hybrid said...

This may seem like a silly question, but how do you register?

John Murrie said...

Download the players pack for X-Wing and email the address in it to register.

Events always held at St Patricks College near the Airport