June 29, 2015

X-Wing Regionals List: Ride of the "3 Amigos"

Decided on a list for the Wellington X-Wing regionals in months time. Going to take my 3 Amigos list which has been a consistent favourite of mine.

Although I didn't use it effectively the other day and it is somewhat fragile in terms of hull points e.g. a Decimator + Phantom or Han + Corran list has twice as many hull/shield points it makes up for this with its agility (hopefully).

June 26, 2015

Video tutorial for making a great X-Wing gaming board

Really want to build my own game board for X-Wing especially after seeing the great boards used at Cerberus Games.  Quick search and I found this fantastic tutorial amazingly simple method for a great result.  Hard to believe the small view count

As an aside an alternative method of creating the star field is to use an old toothbrush dipped in watered down paint to flick it onto the board rather than the finger method used here.

If it rains this weekend I'll be building one of these instead of repairing the roof.

June 25, 2015

Restarting the Word Bearers Tale of X gamers project

A couple of years ago Pete Dunn over at FieldsofBlood got a small group of us involved in a project called "Tale of X Gamers" basically a 30k Horus Heresy themed idea to build a small force of space marines from either the Loyalist or Traitor Legions.

Some of my original efforts
It seemed to die a slow death as people including myself got distracted by other things.  Despite not playing 40k I have hung onto my small collection of 30k Word Bearers as its a project I have always intended to get back into.

What you looking at!?!
The fluff in the 30/40k universe is simply fantastic and the 'Word Bearers' as the central Architects of the Heresy and the central characters in the best HH books (The First Heretic, Mark of Calth, Betrayer) make the ideal choice for anyone wanting to start a 30k themed force.
Another lot of MkIII marines to build a full squad of 10

As part of project I acquired a small collection of Forgeworld models that I still haven't finished off yet and yesterday I placed a small order with Forgeworld to help get the collection underway again some Word Bearers shoulder pads and another set of MkIII marines.

Mk II shoulder pads for my Assault Squad

MkIII shoulder pads for the Tactical Squad

Once the shoulder pads and the extra MkIII marines arrive I'll start paint stripping, repainting and rebasing my existing MkIII/MkIV FW marines and get the project back on track.  Looking forward to it.

June 23, 2015

Dwarfs of Karak Thorinkin march to battle at Panzershrek

"King Druegar Stromnisson surveyed the massed ranks of Dwarfs spread out before him with pride. As the Old World burned in the flames of the End Times the Dwarfs of Karak Thorinkin remained strong and resolute having seen off massed assaults by Skaven and Goblin hordes from the surrounding mountains and (barely) defeated the undead and Daemonic hosts that seemed to be spilling in an endless horde from the lands of Tilea to the holds South and Bretonnia to its North.  But now news had reached the hold of the disasters befalling their kindred in the World's Edge Mountains and throughout the other ranges of the Old World. With their ancestral lands safe (for the moment) the King had decided to dispatch a throng to aid their kin in the nearest Dwarven stronghold of Karak Izor.  Now arrayed before the mighty gates of Karak Thorinkin the Throng saluted their King and began their long march to victory to Panzershrek...."
The Throng amassed before the gates of Karak Thorinkin
Once again my beautiful Dwarves are off to do battle this time at Panzershrek in July an ETC 2400pt tournament hosted by my local club and exceptionally well organised by club member Jeff Kent.  Will be their last official event outing under 8th Ed rules so I'll be making the most of it....

The Throngs BSB (Shield & MR Grungi) and the Runesmiths of Clan Vagar (General w. 2+/5++ & Ro Spellbreaking & Runesmith w. 2+/PS & Ro Spellbreaking)
Warriors of Clan Beordin (38 with GW and Full Command)
Warriors of Clan Ragnell (38 with GW and Full Command)
Hammerers of Clan Theolik (24 with Full Command & Master Rune of Groth the One-Eyed)
1 of 2 Grudgethrowers (1 with Ro Accuracy, 1 with Ro Accuracy & Ro Burning)
1 of 2 Gyrobombers
Rangers of Clan Morgral (2 units of 10 with Musicians)

I really really enjoy playing 8th Ed WHFB and using big blocks of troops so hoping like hell that things don't change to much in 9th Ed as it would a shame not be able to field armies like this anymore.

King Druegar Stromnisson - not marching forth (this time)

June 17, 2015

Dwarfs vs. Evil Dwarfs - Panzershrek practice & Final List

In what may well be the final weeks of WHFB as we know it and my ability to use the vast majority of my collection I gave my Dwarfs a run against the evil McCrae and his evil Chaos Dwarfs last night.  First game in a long time, still rusty, still confused but still a lot of fun.  Took me all of 2 minutes to start my Dwarven Grumbling

I got shot to pieces moving in but then the Grudge Throwers found their range and started taking off the bigger nastier Chaos Dwarf units and I managed to get a horde of GW armed Warriors into the face of a "something".  Only real disappointment were the slayers who got flank charged and stuck in combat with some Hobgoblins.
What the hell is a Lamisu?  sounds like you should eat it

Last stand of the Thorinkin Hammerers 
Turn 4 and things are coming to a head - the Slayers can't kill anything but being unbreakable it doesn't really matter.  The Gyrobomber's proved to be a lot of fun but my poor Hammerers were getting chewed up something awful.

Ah ha - Giant Iron Daemon thing is dead chopped up by GW, the other one got a Stone on its head, but its Turn 5/6 now and there is no way my Warriors to get in to support the Slayers who are about to get Tiramisued or Lamisued...
Good game in the end, points wise if you added it up McCrae would have gotten a 13-7 or at the very worst a 12-8. He got lucky with his shooting in the early stages not really missing anything and making a ton of saves vs. the Gyrobombers but then things turned around and it didn't look good for him until the Hammerers went bye-bye.

Final list for Panzershrek submitted about 10 minutes ago is a variation on this one but without the Slayers.

List submitted for Panzershrek 2015

Runesmith (General) - 2+/5++ and a Scroll
Runesmith - 2+/PS and a Scroll
Thane (BSB) - 4++ and 5++ banner for units within 6" vs. shooting & magic missiles
38 x Warriors - FC & GW
38 x Warriors - FC & GW
24 x Hammerers - FC & MR Groth One-Eye (all Dwarfs within 12" are Stubborn)
Grudge Thrower - Accuracy
Grudge Thrower - Accuracy & Burning
10 x Rangers - Mu
10 x Rangers - Mu

TOTAL 2,400 points (Fortitude 7)

So no Slayers and Rangers instead of Quarrellers.  Strange that I never noticed how screwed up the points cost of these guys was before.  10 x Quarrellers with Musician = 130pts, 10 x Rangers with Musician = 150pts and for that extra 20pts they get GW and the ability to Scout?!?

Basic plan is to flank the Hammerers with the Warriors and keep everyone within the 12" bubble keeping them all Stubborn and just smack face.

June 12, 2015

AoW Dwarf Doomcrushers - on their way but maybe too late?!

Way back in July 2014 I pre-ordered through Avatars of War 30 of their new Doomcrusher models as they offered a fantastic looking alternative to the GW Hammerers - both my current old school metal versions and the newer plastic ones.

As with any new product there were delays and here we are nearly a year later and I still don't have them.  But after doing some follow up I have finally received confirmation that they are on their way to me.  Expect to get them sometime in the next month depending on shipping.

Of course while its fantastic to have these arriving soon the issue now is "will I actually get to use them on the table top?".  When I ordered them End Times was relatively new(ish) and while there were hints at 9th Ed no-one was expecting a complete re-boot and the last ET storyline which blew up the whole world hadn't been released yet.  So I ordered these guys with a huge sense of optimism for the game.  8th Edition is a huge amount of fun to play.  I've really enjoyed the new Dwarf army book and I love using Hammerers.  So having a bunch of new models seemed a great way to go....

but now... honestly... by the time they arrive chances are either my Dwarfs or Hammerers will no longer be viable and legal choices in WHFB and the as of 26th June the Dwarven army book (and all WHFB army books) as we known them are being pulled from sale.

I mean FFS!!! While I have tried to remain optimistic when Pete Dunn  starts to think we are completely F...D then you have to seriously consider that we are completely F....D

June 10, 2015

X-Wing Battle Report: Darth & Escort vs. Bigg's Boys

More X-Wing at the club last night this time running my new favourite ship the Lambda Shuttle along with a small escort up against Murray's Rebel filth.




June 8, 2015

ADB & the Horus Heresy make for good reading

Nice package in the mail today especially as I ran out of stuff to read a while ago.  This time another of Aaron Dembski-Bowdens excellent books and more Word Bearers killing Ultramarines goodness...

Been looking forward to Talon of Horus for a while now

June 6, 2015

Dwarf Slayers Ahoy!!

Believe it or not I'm actually playing in a WHFB event next month my own clubs Panzershrek which is using ETC rules as its comp system.  Not taking it too seriously so using a fun giggles Dwarf list.

2400pts Dwarves

w. Ro Parring Ro Spellbreaking x2, Ro Stone

w. GW, MR Grungi, Strollaz Rune

39 x Warriors
w. Command & GW

15 x Quarrellers
w. Musician & shields

30 x Slayers
w. Std, Strollaz

30 x Slayers
w. Std, Strollaz, Ro Sanctuary


w. Ro Accuracy, Ro Forging

Gyro bomber
Gyro bomber

All I have to do now is paint 30 odd Slayers and maybe practice a bit seeing I haven't played WHFB in at least 6 months.