June 8, 2015

ADB & the Horus Heresy make for good reading

Nice package in the mail today especially as I ran out of stuff to read a while ago.  This time another of Aaron Dembski-Bowdens excellent books and more Word Bearers killing Ultramarines goodness...

Been looking forward to Talon of Horus for a while now


Peter Dunn said...

Unfortunately....for me anyway...the Black Library have needlessly dragged out the Heresy (apart from their obvious commercial imperative). I think the first book was released in 2006/07 and I suspect that the glacial advance has seen sales of subsequent books drop off markedly.

There has been nothing really "new" for 2-3 years and I suspect most people just want to be woken up when the Legions reach Terra

John Murrie said...

Have to agree with you there Pete I haven't been impressed by the latest books which is why I keep rereading ADB's books over and over again