June 12, 2015

AoW Dwarf Doomcrushers - on their way but maybe too late?!

Way back in July 2014 I pre-ordered through Avatars of War 30 of their new Doomcrusher models as they offered a fantastic looking alternative to the GW Hammerers - both my current old school metal versions and the newer plastic ones.

As with any new product there were delays and here we are nearly a year later and I still don't have them.  But after doing some follow up I have finally received confirmation that they are on their way to me.  Expect to get them sometime in the next month depending on shipping.

Of course while its fantastic to have these arriving soon the issue now is "will I actually get to use them on the table top?".  When I ordered them End Times was relatively new(ish) and while there were hints at 9th Ed no-one was expecting a complete re-boot and the last ET storyline which blew up the whole world hadn't been released yet.  So I ordered these guys with a huge sense of optimism for the game.  8th Edition is a huge amount of fun to play.  I've really enjoyed the new Dwarf army book and I love using Hammerers.  So having a bunch of new models seemed a great way to go....

but now... honestly... by the time they arrive chances are either my Dwarfs or Hammerers will no longer be viable and legal choices in WHFB and the as of 26th June the Dwarven army book (and all WHFB army books) as we known them are being pulled from sale.

I mean FFS!!! While I have tried to remain optimistic when Pete Dunn  starts to think we are completely F...D then you have to seriously consider that we are completely F....D


Herman van Kradenburg said...

Hiya, I ordered the Mantic ones, for the same purpose. Arrived from the UK, just as End Times broke. Also built a Slayer Army, at (quite large) painstakingly collected old schools metal slayers. One outing against the Glottkin. No chance. Then the Dwarfs are said to evaporate anyhow...Pew! went my inspiration for my dwarf armies. Have built and base-coated 'em. No inspiration to complete the project at present :(. So we wait...

Tane said...

You've got several options to use them;

1. 9th Edition will likely allow the use of Hammerer models, so these guys should still fit. Whether you'll need 30 is another thing of course.

2. Your club and mates might decide to stick with 8th Edition if 9th doesn't work for anyone.

3. Finally, they're perfect for Ironguard with GW in Kings of War. Which isn't that bad of a game, I think it's OK.

If none of these work for you..... Maybe put them on a stand and try to persuade people that they're D-Wings or some other obscure Star Wars fighter...

Jossy said...

Mate I don't think you need to panic yet at all.
Games Workshop labels itself as a miniature, and having only recently released a new plastic kit for Hammerers, I think you will be safe.
9th looks to be a massive rules shake up, but I think most of the models will survive for a while yet.
Really keen to see you paint these guys up as I do like the models. Are they smaller than the GW ones? Just hold off a month until you base them

John Murrie said...

Maybe Ill grab 30 odd round bases for them just in case and look at magnetising them so I can swap them back and forth between square and round.

Pity about the delay as I was looking forward to getting them in time for Panzershrek last year