June 17, 2015

Dwarfs vs. Evil Dwarfs - Panzershrek practice & Final List

In what may well be the final weeks of WHFB as we know it and my ability to use the vast majority of my collection I gave my Dwarfs a run against the evil McCrae and his evil Chaos Dwarfs last night.  First game in a long time, still rusty, still confused but still a lot of fun.  Took me all of 2 minutes to start my Dwarven Grumbling

I got shot to pieces moving in but then the Grudge Throwers found their range and started taking off the bigger nastier Chaos Dwarf units and I managed to get a horde of GW armed Warriors into the face of a "something".  Only real disappointment were the slayers who got flank charged and stuck in combat with some Hobgoblins.
What the hell is a Lamisu?  sounds like you should eat it

Last stand of the Thorinkin Hammerers 
Turn 4 and things are coming to a head - the Slayers can't kill anything but being unbreakable it doesn't really matter.  The Gyrobomber's proved to be a lot of fun but my poor Hammerers were getting chewed up something awful.

Ah ha - Giant Iron Daemon thing is dead chopped up by GW, the other one got a Stone on its head, but its Turn 5/6 now and there is no way my Warriors to get in to support the Slayers who are about to get Tiramisued or Lamisued...
Good game in the end, points wise if you added it up McCrae would have gotten a 13-7 or at the very worst a 12-8. He got lucky with his shooting in the early stages not really missing anything and making a ton of saves vs. the Gyrobombers but then things turned around and it didn't look good for him until the Hammerers went bye-bye.

Final list for Panzershrek submitted about 10 minutes ago is a variation on this one but without the Slayers.

List submitted for Panzershrek 2015

Runesmith (General) - 2+/5++ and a Scroll
Runesmith - 2+/PS and a Scroll
Thane (BSB) - 4++ and 5++ banner for units within 6" vs. shooting & magic missiles
38 x Warriors - FC & GW
38 x Warriors - FC & GW
24 x Hammerers - FC & MR Groth One-Eye (all Dwarfs within 12" are Stubborn)
Grudge Thrower - Accuracy
Grudge Thrower - Accuracy & Burning
10 x Rangers - Mu
10 x Rangers - Mu

TOTAL 2,400 points (Fortitude 7)

So no Slayers and Rangers instead of Quarrellers.  Strange that I never noticed how screwed up the points cost of these guys was before.  10 x Quarrellers with Musician = 130pts, 10 x Rangers with Musician = 150pts and for that extra 20pts they get GW and the ability to Scout?!?

Basic plan is to flank the Hammerers with the Warriors and keep everyone within the 12" bubble keeping them all Stubborn and just smack face.

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McCrae said...

Nice list John, it is going to steam train the static armies! It looks like fun to play too.