June 25, 2015

Restarting the Word Bearers Tale of X gamers project

A couple of years ago Pete Dunn over at FieldsofBlood got a small group of us involved in a project called "Tale of X Gamers" basically a 30k Horus Heresy themed idea to build a small force of space marines from either the Loyalist or Traitor Legions.

Some of my original efforts
It seemed to die a slow death as people including myself got distracted by other things.  Despite not playing 40k I have hung onto my small collection of 30k Word Bearers as its a project I have always intended to get back into.

What you looking at!?!
The fluff in the 30/40k universe is simply fantastic and the 'Word Bearers' as the central Architects of the Heresy and the central characters in the best HH books (The First Heretic, Mark of Calth, Betrayer) make the ideal choice for anyone wanting to start a 30k themed force.
Another lot of MkIII marines to build a full squad of 10

As part of project I acquired a small collection of Forgeworld models that I still haven't finished off yet and yesterday I placed a small order with Forgeworld to help get the collection underway again some Word Bearers shoulder pads and another set of MkIII marines.

Mk II shoulder pads for my Assault Squad

MkIII shoulder pads for the Tactical Squad

Once the shoulder pads and the extra MkIII marines arrive I'll start paint stripping, repainting and rebasing my existing MkIII/MkIV FW marines and get the project back on track.  Looking forward to it.

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