June 10, 2015

X-Wing Battle Report: Darth & Escort vs. Bigg's Boys

More X-Wing at the club last night this time running my new favourite ship the Lambda Shuttle along with a small escort up against Murray's Rebel filth.




Both sides skirt the Asteroid field
The Rebels barrel in aiming to get their Ion Cannons in range.
The Shuttle stops taking stress while Darth leads his Tie Fighter escort through asteroids to flank the Rebels
The flanking move works allowing Darth & the Ties to fire on the Rebels whose only viable shots are against the shuttle
Imperial shooting takes down the shields on Bigg's X-Wing leaving him vulnerable
Darth Vadar's next move is use his Dare Devil ability to come in behind Bigg's - the result one very dead X-Wing
His Black Squadron Wingman flies dangerously close to an Asteroid to remove stress from Darth
With Bigg's gone the Imperials are free to target any Rebel ship they choose.  With the Shuttle Ioned and Stressed its movement is severely limited.  But the Rebel Y-Wings are taking a huge beating losing shields galore to Darth and his Tie escort
One Y-Wing (heavily damaged) manages to get to the rear of the Shuttle
The Shuttle goes down and a messy dog-fight begins between the imperial and Rebel fighters
Despite pouring a ton of fire into the Rebel ships the Imperials can't finish them off and now the Y-Wing Ion Cannons are doing serious damage to the Imperial Ships.  Darth's shields are gone and he is taking damage
Darth is gone and only a single Tie-Fighter remains.  But he is close on the tail of one Y-Wing who has just a single Hull Point left.  3 shots at Range 1 and 3 blanks allow the Y-Wing to get away...
Blanks Blanks Blanks - 2 rounds, 6 shots on the damaged Y-Wing and 6 blanks!!!
It was a tough fight but the Imperials just couldn't finish off the damaged Rebel ships and once Darth Vadar got trapped in the firing arcs of multiple Ion Cannon equipped Rebel ships he was stuffed. Crashing into ships meant he continually lost his ability to double action allowing the Y-Wings to make two attacks on him each round.

Definitely a fun Imperial list to play tried it again in the next game but added Wingman to the 2nd Tie Fighter after dropping Advanced Sensors.  Loving the Shuttle going to get another one!!!

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