June 5, 2015

X-Wing Regionals a go-go

The internet has been aflame the last couple of days with all the latest rumours regarding the upcoming changes to WHFB to be introduced in July as part of the 9th Edition revamp.  Personally I am still completely over WHFB and just hope that the new rules come soon so we can all get back into playing the game, the 8-9 months of limbo that GW has essentially created has gone on too long.
The collection seems larger than it was a few months ago?
That being said Pete Dunn over at FieldsofBlood wrote an excellent post recently about how good a game 8th Edition is.  If the changes are as major as they are rumoured to be it will be sad to see 8th Edition go as it has been an absolutely fantastic rule set to play under.  But given the quality of the various books that have come out from GW over the last couple of years I suspect that GW will do an equally good job with 9th.

X-Wing vs. GW: the cost of getting started
The X-Wing bug has well and truly kicked off here in the Manawatu and its not hard to see why this game is so popular.  If we compare it to GW flagship game 40k the results are fairly stark.  The latest Assault marine kits while fantastic models are prohibitively expensive for New Zealand gamers. To get a unit of 10 models you need to spend $169 and that doesn't even given you enough models to play the games or the rules.  For that $169 I can get a X-Wing core set plus at least 5 expansion packs giving me: the rules, all the templates and dice I need and 8 ships more than enough to play a range of different lists.  Couple that with the fact the rules for X-Wing don't change and that prices for X-Wing models are "globally" consistent and you have a gaming system that is hugely accessible for the entry level gamer. No matter what GW does with 9th Ed WHFB unless they introduce some drastic pricing changes I don't see them generating any interest from new players when the cost of entering the game remains hugely prohibitive.

X-Wing Regionals
Having tasted the X-Wing tournament bug at Cerberus last month I've also entered the Wellington Regional event to be held in July as well as Call to Arms in August.  The Regionals and Day 1 of CTA are both 100pt events, while Day 2 of CTA uses the escalation rules.  My escalation list is basically sorted (see it here) essentially  I'm building around my newly painted Firespray which I want to show off on the tabletop.

Link to Regionals Information

For the 100pt events the possible options are huge but I'm going to stick with what I like playing regardless of how competitive it may be.  I've researched the meta and seen the recent dominance of large ships and understand how great the Phantom is but honestly I got into X-Wing to fly lots of Tie Fighters so that's what I'm going to do - the Meta be damned.

So here's my list for the Regionals/CTA Day 1 at 100pts - its the list I've used the most and I like it the only changes I make are to alternate Dark Curse with Mauler Mithel or Backstabber depending on my mood.  No autothrusters which are supposed to be the bee's knees right now as I don't have the card and despite offers from people I prefer to play with what I have.


Looking forward to what will be a great couple months of gaming.


Chozo Hybrid said...

Any links, tried to google the Wellington regional and all that pops up are US ones. Wouldn't mind seeing if I could go :)

John Murrie said...

Sure thing - everythings being organised via facebook heres the link for you https://www.facebook.com/events/305827429595869/

Chozo Hybrid said...

That's an event for last year isn't it? 2014 is all over it and I don't see any info on a 2015 one.

Chozo Hybrid said...

Finally found it :)

John Murrie said...

Oops yep heres the correct one