June 29, 2015

X-Wing Regionals List: Ride of the "3 Amigos"

Decided on a list for the Wellington X-Wing regionals in months time. Going to take my 3 Amigos list which has been a consistent favourite of mine.

Although I didn't use it effectively the other day and it is somewhat fragile in terms of hull points e.g. a Decimator + Phantom or Han + Corran list has twice as many hull/shield points it makes up for this with its agility (hopefully).


Lukasz Janusz said...

Cool roster. Something I'd fly. One difference. I feel that lack of PTL on Turr is more forgiving, than Carnor. The ability to barrel/boost often allows to escape firing zone. Especialy with with VI.
Ps. I really enjoy your blog. Cheers

John Murrie said...

Thanks for the feedback Lukasz - adjusted my list slightly. Glad you enjoy the blog