July 29, 2015

Word Bearers vs. Daemons of Khorne

A XVII Legion host battle a horde of Daemons for possession of a sacred Chaos Icon

Warriors of the XVII host deploy ready for battle - Cultists, Tactical Marines, Raptors, a Hellbrute and their Lord in his Terminator armour armed with the Axe of Blind Fury.  The Icon is the other side of the ruined battle in the middle of the field
Units of the Daemon army deploy including a number of large warmachine constructs - the enemy force seems strangely small???

July 28, 2015

X Wing Regionals post-event list ideas

My 100pt list for the Wellington regionals reflected a list I like to play (multiple interceptors) balanced out with a nod toward the prevailing large ship meta (autothrusters) in terms of how it worked over the event a couple of things stood out.

As usual following any tournament I've spent a fair bit of time looking over my list and considering how it could be improved and/or whether it should be continued with al-together.  Like most gamers I also go through the process of re-writing it mid-tournament....

July 27, 2015

X-Wing Regional's Report

Great days gaming at the Wellington X-Wing Regionals on Saturday, 27 competitors playing 5 rounds dominated by Interceptors and Decimators with (somewhat ironically) only a single X-Wing in sight.  First up thanks to Adam Baenre who came down from Auckland to organise the event and to all of the event sponsors (something other events would benefit from).

Round 1
vs. Jon Ryder
IG88, Boba Fett & Z95

First round against a Mangler Cannon equipped IG88 and Boba Fett with Gunner and Predator.  Jon used his combos really well particularly in his choice of the order in which he re-rolled and changed dice with focus.  

Unfortunately for me the game didn't go that well and established a pattern where I flew my Auto-thruster equipped Interceptors within Range 1 of enemy ships time and time again.  In Turn 2 I had all 3 of my guys lined up take out Boba Fett only for the dice Gods to turn on me.  In response Jon's Z95 took Soontir Fel off with a single Salvo and then the Mangler cannon started to chew through Carnor Jax.

 The game ended with my vainly trying to dodge around the board with Turr Phennir as all 3 of Jon's ships boxed me in.  Eventually we ended up as shown in the 2nd picture and I got munched 0-100.

July 24, 2015

More Word Bearers progress

Getting more and more Word Bearers finished and my overall force is starting to build in size with the addition of Cultists and some Bloodletter's..
Unit of 14 CSM all complete (except one guy still waiting on his Melta Gun)

July 22, 2015

Dwarfs @ Panzershrek - Final Games

Day 2 of Panzershrek and we finished with 3 more games only one of which went my way.  Unfortunately because I didn't write these games up soon after the event I've forgotten the majority of the details so the pictures will just have to tell the tale.

Game 4 vs. Skaven
Yah I get hatred for the game but boo there are a ton of Slaves plus a lot of Skaven shooting and a big block of Plague Monks.  Grey Seer is hiding off to my left behind the hill in his block of Clan Rats.  

July 19, 2015

Word Bearers get their first run

Thanks again to Jeff's hospitality Caleb and I managed to get in what were my first ever games of 7th Edition 40k yesterday.  My 40k experience prior to that had been a single 6th Ed game nearly 2 years ago.  We went for 1000pt forces using some of the scenarios with various objectives no idea what ones me with my CSM Word Bearers and Caleb with his Sisters of Battle.  
Game 1 and not knowing how the game works and shooting especially I basically spread everyone out and opted to charge straight at the objectives.  The Raptors opted to Deep Strike - not the best decision

July 17, 2015

Book Review: Ardennes 1944 by Antony Beevor

Something a bit different this morning a book review.  I've been a fan of Antony Beevor's work since I read his book Stalingrad several years ago.  It remains one of my favourite pieces of narrative history even after multiple readings.  His other WW2 works D-Day, Berlin and 'The 2nd World War' are all in the same vein so when his latest work Ardennes 1944 was advertised I ordered it straight away.

July 15, 2015

Dwarfs @ Panzershrek - G2 vs. High Elves

"Following the death of Godrim Fireforge at the hands of the Tomb King horde the Thorinkin retreated to their mountain fortress to rebuild and enter yet more names and ill-deeds into their book of Grudges.  The name of Tomb King P'eter Wil'liam'son had been entered in blood and word taken to Karark Eight Peaks so his acts could also be recorded in the Great Book of Grudges. But the Thorinkin's enemies were relentless and unending in their assault on the hold and its land.  Now a new, but ancient, foe one not seen for many generations had come to the Copper Head Mountains... High Elves.  Readying their axes the Throng of Karak Thorinkin marched forth once more..."

Deployment minus the Frosthearts which go down next inbetween the building and the hill and my Rangers one unit goes down on the right facing a unit of Reavers the 2nd goes down on the extreme right flank of Tom's army in some ruins

July 14, 2015

WIP - Heresy Era Word Bearers

Finally getting my Word Bearers project back on track and have managed to get a lot of painting done this last fortnight. I started off by stripping all of my MkIII/IV marines (not sure why now) and attaching some FW Word Bearers shoulder pads to them and to my MkII Assault Marines.  Also picked up some Cultists cheap from Mighty Ape.  All in all I have enough stuff now for 750pts which will get me started at a small local league...

Apologies for photo quality I'm using my phone and really need to invest in a light box for better quality.
Aspiring Champion in mixed armour and standard MkIII pattern Word Bearer - right hand shoulder pads will all get a Chapter Icon once I decide on a design I can paint consistently.

Dwarfs @ Panzershrek 2015 - Game 1

"Godrim Fireforge stood amongst the Warriors of his clan watching as the vast army of undead deployed in front of him.  Hordes of Skeletal archers, massed ranks of chariots and 3 giant constructs walking statues in the shape of lions.  The air was thick with dust kicked up by the passage of the undead horde and the mighty wings of one construct that had come to rest behind a impassable feature dominating the far side of the battlefield.  Arrayed around him hundreds of Dwarfs tightened their grip on the Great Axes, checked their armour and as one began their slow purposeful march foward..."

And that's where it started going wrong...
At this point the game is going my way as I get the +1 for first turn, but after that not so much

July 13, 2015

Dwarfs @ Panzershrek 2015 - Part 1

Back from another Panzershrek and another outing for my Dwarfs under the glory that is 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy.  Not my best weekend of gaming results wise but I had a hell of a lot of fun playing some great opponents and in some tough games.  Before I get stuck into the battle reports I thought I'd post some pictures of the event and some of the armies that competed over the weekend.

My Dwarfs

July 8, 2015

Avatars of War Doomcrusher's pictures & unboxing

Further to my post this morning about the Avatars of War Doomcrushers that I recently received I finally got the pics I took while unpacking them off my phone.

Front of the box
My kids got extremely excited when they saw the box the models came in as it looked like a PC game or DVD case (they were hoping for something Star Wars related).

Back of the box
That picture on the back of the box is important as its the only guide you have to putting the models together.  Now even if you are an experienced gamer and have put together 100's of models you will struggle with these things as there is really only 1 way to put the pieces together properly and get a unit that is capable of ranking up.

AoW Doomcrushers arrive in time to gather dust

Well with AoS effectively (for me) killing off WHFB I found it incredibly funny (well not really) that a year late I finally received my Doomcrushers from Avators of War on Monday. These were their alternative to the existing GW Hammerers range for my Dwarfs and if I had gotten them on time I would have been able to use them quite a few times in events.  Unfortunately a year and Age of Suckmar later and they have only just arrived.

Not wanting to completely waste them I dutifully sat down opened the pack and went through the contents aiming to put a few together and maybe even paint them.  But honestly?  I find that I'm just not into them and will be either hanging on them in storage or chucking them onto TradeMe.

As for the models themselves I was pretty disappointed not just in the wait for them but also the quality of the models themselves.  The key things I found about the models were:

  • They originally came on sprues (you could tell from the bits hanging off them) but had been removed and all the bits put into plastic bags.
  • The plastic used differs from the type used in AoW Slayers and GW and quite frankly isn't good quality being highly resistant to standard plastic glue even after cleaning.
  • The detailing was poor and I could see a number of details disappearing once an undercoat, let alone layers and detailing paints, is applied.  They gave the very strong impression of having been rushed into production without being properly finished.
  • Unlike a basic GW kit were arms etc are largely interchangeable and it doesn't matter who gets what with these guys only certain arms fit onto certain bodies, and with certain weapons.  Basically if you don't dry fit the entire unit first up then you will get it wrong and have to re-do them all... and I do mean all.
  • As with the Slayers basing these guys up in units would be a major pain especially if you put them together wrong.
  • You will need a lot of green stuff to fill in the edges.
In the interim though i have started re-painting my Word Bearers and they are starting to look good.

July 5, 2015

Playing Age of Sigmar first experience

The following write up is from a club mate of mine who gave AoS a go last night

Read Jeff's analysis here


In terms of his ability to analyse the game it is pretty high.  Jeff is one of the best Whfb players in the country, has a strong grasp of the subtle nuances of gameplay and a solid understanding of all the armies he plays (which is nearly all of them).  His thoughts basically confirm my own suspicions from reading the rules and warscrolls last night.

The absence of any points system and removal of army comp rules basically destroy any hope of balance in the game and its ability to be used in tournaments.  The removal of flanks and rear and simplification of movement also remove any need for tactical ability in the game and create as Jeff states a massive uninspiring free for all.

Whfb was a thinking players game one that rewarded peoples ability to make best use of the assets available to them via the points system and those who could think ahead I.e. like chess players. This seems to have all disappeared with Age of Sigmar which it seems has put a bullet through the head of 8th Edition

July 3, 2015

On the painting table: Word Bearers

Getting back into the painting and modelling aspects of the hobby at the moment.  The arrival of a small package from Forgeworld containing items for my 30k Word Bearers has really helped but I'm also aiming to finish off a few other little projects.

So here's what's in the works at the moment...

MkIII Legion armoured Word Bearers
I felt I could give these guys a better paint job so stripped them in Dettol prior to attaching the Word Bearers Shoulder Pads from Forgeworld I received this week.  Forgeworld resin seems to have a stubborn streak to it and despite multiple soakings and at least 4 scrubbing sessions with a couple of hard toothbrushes I couldn't get all the paint off these guys.

Dwarfs vs. Wood Elves: 8th Edition for the win!!!

Final practice game before Panzershrek the weekend after this one comes to town, 2 days and 6 rounds of 8th Edition WHFB goodness.  Unfortunately despite the best efforts of several people only 4-5 of the 24 strong field will be bringing Dwarfs - shocking I know - when compatriot Adam Richards was talking up the possibility of 8-10 Dwarf players being there.  Now that would have been a truly epic way to wind down what may very well be one of the last 8th Edition tournaments (after CTA in August and another event in Napier) held in this country now that Age of Suckmar is upon us.

Our armies line up to do battle my might Dwarfs facing off against a horde of nasty sneaky little Wood Elves
Lets get stuck in boys and see if they'll come at us... wait.. no... they won't... BOOO
Damn these stumpy legs its going to take forever to reach these guys
Ah ha - the dainty Elves finally get the cojones to charge in... oh they strike first with multiple attacks... oh great... 
Run away run away run away....
Look damn it stop retreating and let me get close enough to charge you already
Ummm They're trying to sneak up behind us.. quick turn around...
That's really not looking good there don't seem to be any Hammerers left alive over there?
Oh great now they've all come over here to attack us
The survivors flee for the hills
Was another fun game, really have to use my Gyrobombers more effectively and ensure that I keep everyone within the 12" Stubborn & 6" MR Grungi bubbles for protection.  Looking forward to Panzershrek next weekend and some decent WHFB gaming... the moaning about AoS not so much...