July 8, 2015

AoW Doomcrushers arrive in time to gather dust

Well with AoS effectively (for me) killing off WHFB I found it incredibly funny (well not really) that a year late I finally received my Doomcrushers from Avators of War on Monday. These were their alternative to the existing GW Hammerers range for my Dwarfs and if I had gotten them on time I would have been able to use them quite a few times in events.  Unfortunately a year and Age of Suckmar later and they have only just arrived.

Not wanting to completely waste them I dutifully sat down opened the pack and went through the contents aiming to put a few together and maybe even paint them.  But honestly?  I find that I'm just not into them and will be either hanging on them in storage or chucking them onto TradeMe.

As for the models themselves I was pretty disappointed not just in the wait for them but also the quality of the models themselves.  The key things I found about the models were:

  • They originally came on sprues (you could tell from the bits hanging off them) but had been removed and all the bits put into plastic bags.
  • The plastic used differs from the type used in AoW Slayers and GW and quite frankly isn't good quality being highly resistant to standard plastic glue even after cleaning.
  • The detailing was poor and I could see a number of details disappearing once an undercoat, let alone layers and detailing paints, is applied.  They gave the very strong impression of having been rushed into production without being properly finished.
  • Unlike a basic GW kit were arms etc are largely interchangeable and it doesn't matter who gets what with these guys only certain arms fit onto certain bodies, and with certain weapons.  Basically if you don't dry fit the entire unit first up then you will get it wrong and have to re-do them all... and I do mean all.
  • As with the Slayers basing these guys up in units would be a major pain especially if you put them together wrong.
  • You will need a lot of green stuff to fill in the edges.
In the interim though i have started re-painting my Word Bearers and they are starting to look good.


Jonah said...

Time for you kiwis to get a KoW tournament scene going! I'm going to miss your dwarf battle reports otherwise!

If KoW doesn't float your boat, for something radically different, have a look at the Shattered Crown kickstarter.


John Murrie said...

Thanks for that :-) I've really enjoyed writing them building a narrative for my armies was something I enjoyed a lot about fantasy. Will still be playing 8th

Gerrcinn said...

the reason the plastic glue didn't work isn't because it's not good quality, but rather it's the wrong glue to use for those. They're PVC plastic, also called restic (resin plastic), Mantic, AoW and Privateer Press among others use it, you need to use superglue for that type of model. Plastic glue only works because it's a chemical weld and requires the right type of plastic to be present, in the same way it won't glue metal or wood.

John Murrie said...

Yeah I figured that out in the end - it was just a strange choice to switch their construction material.