July 14, 2015

Dwarfs @ Panzershrek 2015 - Game 1

"Godrim Fireforge stood amongst the Warriors of his clan watching as the vast army of undead deployed in front of him.  Hordes of Skeletal archers, massed ranks of chariots and 3 giant constructs walking statues in the shape of lions.  The air was thick with dust kicked up by the passage of the undead horde and the mighty wings of one construct that had come to rest behind a impassable feature dominating the far side of the battlefield.  Arrayed around him hundreds of Dwarfs tightened their grip on the Great Axes, checked their armour and as one began their slow purposeful march foward..."

And that's where it started going wrong...
At this point the game is going my way as I get the +1 for first turn, but after that not so much
 Not the most ideal of match ups for me to start the event given (a) Peter Williamson is a fantastic WHFB player and (b) is army was very strong.  His list consisted of:
  • Tomb King on a Chariot
  • Level 4 Liche Priest
  • Tomb Prince 
  • 6 x Chariots
  • 5 x Skeleton Horse Archers
  • 5 x Skeleton Horse Archers
  • 10 x Skeleton Bowmen
  • 19 x Skeleton Bowmen
  • 37 x Skeleton Warriors
  • 2 x Warsphinx
  • 2 x Tomb Scorpion
  • Casket of Souls
  • 2 x Screaming Catapult
  • Necrosphinx
Now ideally I should have sat back using the impassable terrain in my deployment zone to guard one flank and tried to do as much damage as possible with my shooting before marching forward.  In fact I should have done that in every game... did I though... HELL NO... its march forward to chuck dice or don't bother coming.

Turn 1 - With everyone Stubborn due to the MR Groth the One-Eye I opt to move forward rather than wait for shooting to take care of the enemy.  In hindsight I should have base lined.. but despite being a Dwarf player I believe I have only ever castled twice in a tournament game once at Panzershrek last year and once at CTA 4 years ago... it may work but its boring so I don't do it.
"Godrim Fireforge looked up as rocks lobbed by the Throngs Grudgethrowers soared overhead toward the Tomb-King Warsphinxes.  Rock after rock went by but despite their Runic power the Dwarven artillery failed to hit let alone wound any of the constructs massing to their front.  Gryobombers swooped in Clatter Guns firing repeatedly as the positioned for a succession of bombing runs over the Tomb King General's Chariot unit.  With mounting despair Fireforge saw that these too had no real affect on the enemy ranks.  With his artillery ineffective he had no choice but to march straight at the enemy throng hoping that the artillery would find its range and kill the Sphinxes before they could charge into the massed ranks of his Clan Warriors."

Grudge Throwers and Gyro Bombers fail to do anything but at least Tomb King shooting is being deflected by the MR Grungi, although on the flanks my Rangers are getting chewed a new one.
Shooting has done NOTHING so to get the Strength bonus I charge in but Peter has positioned his forces well preventing me from getting multiple units into the Sphinxes
"To his right Gordim watch in despair as the two giant Sphinxes ripped through the Hammerers of Clan Theolik.  Tomb King cavalry had prevented the Clan Warriors supporting their right flank from joining them in battle and the Hammerers had to make the initial charge alone.  With little room to move Godrims own unit of Clan Warriors had no choice but to charge the Skeleton Warriors to his front.  With Tomb King chariots massed to his left the axes of the Dwarfs needed to destroy the Tomb King unit in a single round of combat to avoid fighting simultaneously to their front and flank."

Somehow the Hammerers last a full round of combat but 3/4 of them are dead, now they just need to hold on so the Warrior horde to their right can join them.  The Sphinxes have not taken a single wound.  Meanwhile the Chariots and another Sphinx have flanked charge my General's unit and it is now royally screwed.
The end is nigh... Hammerers are dead, the Warriors get a flank charge off and manage to kill one Sphinx but the other Warrior unit is getting munched and not long after this Peter finishes tabling me... literally.
"Dwarven bodies lay everywhere, hundreds of them, many completely unrecognisable their features horribly mangled by the Thunder stomp attacks of the Tomb King Sphinx's.  Fleeing in shame with the few survivors of his original throng Godrim managed to rally his few remaining Dwarfs one last time... but outnumbered and surrounded on all sides he and his Clan brothers were doomed.  A literal storm of arrows fell of them.  His body pierced dozens of times Godrim fell dead along with every Dwarf who had marched out to battle with him that day."

Not the best of starts getting thrashed 0-20 by Peter.  I could have played this better and things might have gone differently been more effective... but "coulda woulda shoulda" doesn't change the result.  It was a fun game though as every match against Peter is, as well as being an abject lesson in how to play.  Still as Jeff states when I play anything else I'm fine but when I play Dwarfs I grumble and honestly the disparity in what you can take as Dwarf vs. a non-Dwarf player just sucks at times.


McCrae said...

Rough first game. TK's big monsters are so hard to deal with as a dwarf player. If it is any consolation he also 0-20'd me too haha.

Jeffrey Kent said...

"TK's big monsters are so hard to deal with as a dwarf player."

Really McCrae? You really sure about that?