July 13, 2015

Dwarfs @ Panzershrek 2015 - Part 1

Back from another Panzershrek and another outing for my Dwarfs under the glory that is 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy.  Not my best weekend of gaming results wise but I had a hell of a lot of fun playing some great opponents and in some tough games.  Before I get stuck into the battle reports I thought I'd post some pictures of the event and some of the armies that competed over the weekend.

My Dwarfs

My Ogres used by club mate Caleb - who had a better weekend of it than I did results wise
Brian Smith's Dark Elves I got destroyed by this list on Day 2

The ubiquitous Panzershrek cupcakes supplied by the TO's lovely wife
One of several Dwarven armies at the event this one belongs to Ethan Phillips from the Hawkes Bay and was beautifully painted - the work on each model's finer detailing was just superb.

One of Ethan's fantastic unit fillers showing Elves as they should be... dead

One of two Spiders from the players choice for best painted/presented army Neil Williamsons Orcs n Goblins - I voted for it as it was just fantastic in terms of its colour scheme and overall character.

Neil's other spider in action about to munch on Adam Richards Longbeards
 Finally Panzershrek is not just about Warhammer it is in fact the longest running Flames of War (FOW) event in the world having been set up by our club including Evan Allan one of Battlefronts lead miniature designers.

The Stanton Brothers train... it turns up everywhere


Neil said...

Thanks for the painting vote John it is very much appreciated.
A pity we didn't meet on the battlefield this time, although I did play Ethan and Adam's Dwarfs.
I had no killing blow for you this time.

John Murrie said...

You deserved the award Neil it was a great looking army and full of character as all of yours are. I think 3 Dwarfs at one event would have been too many for anyone.. and it's ok Brian and Charlie served up a lot of killing blows for me