July 22, 2015

Dwarfs @ Panzershrek - Final Games

Day 2 of Panzershrek and we finished with 3 more games only one of which went my way.  Unfortunately because I didn't write these games up soon after the event I've forgotten the majority of the details so the pictures will just have to tell the tale.

Game 4 vs. Skaven
Yah I get hatred for the game but boo there are a ton of Slaves plus a lot of Skaven shooting and a big block of Plague Monks.  Grey Seer is hiding off to my left behind the hill in his block of Clan Rats.  
Opening moves and I charge everyone full steam ahead smashing into various groups of slaves.  One block of Warriors gets a flank charge on some rats that had decided to go for my 2 Gyrobombers which were hovering behind a wall.  I got lucky in that I was able to make it a flank charge meaning I was set up perfectly to overrun into the Plague Monks
Dead Slaves everywhere and with the Storm Banner still raging neither sides war machines are shooting and any missile infantry can't hit a barn door.  All of my blocks are into combat and I've gotten the flank charge into the Plague Monks like I wanted to.  A single Skaven character is hiding off on my right flank.
The Hammerers and Warriors chew threw everything but those damn Skaven heroes are hacking my Warriors to bits.  On the other side of the board my other Warrior block is getting shot to shreds as the Storm Banner has come down.  My Stone Throwers are also doing me no favours as they have both blown themselves up.
The end of the game.  I have 1/2 of one Warrior block and nearly all of my Hammerers left but my BSB is dead as is my General who gets sniped as he only has 2 rank and file models (out of 38) still left with him.  While I destroyed most of the Skaven army I've lost a ton of points in warmachines, Gyros and characters and haven't managed to get stuck into the GreySeer or his clan rats only Slaves.  
End Result 12-8 win to me

Game 5 vs. Dark Elves
Not a great match up for me Brian's 3 Hydra Frenzied Witch Elf list that finished 2nd.  Not getting Hatred as an Ancestral Grudge hurt.  I opted to sit back this time and hope that my templates could do some damage and kill the Hydras within the first 2 turns.  Unfortunately they blew up (AGAIN) and the Gyrobombers likewise failed to do anything
Rangers about to get munched by Hydra Breath
I had a choice here... sit back and take the charge or go in and get the Strength bonus hopefuly killing as many Elves as I could before the Hydra came in... didn't quite work out that way

Seriously... look how many freaking dice that unit throws with re-rolls to hit and to wound... and Jeff Kent wonders why I'm always grumbling when I play Dwarfs... I mean come on where the hell is our frenzied 4 attacks each WS DIE infantry?
2/3 of the Hammerers die and despite getting a pile of attacks back I fluff my rolls to hit and wound so its basically game over from this point on with the final few turns just a question of how quickly can Brian kill my entire army.
Everyone's dead or about to die - remaining Warriors are going to get flamed and then have 2 Hydras in the face - Stone throwers can't kill a damn thing...
End Result 0-20 loss (grumble grumble grumble)

Game 6 vs. Dark Elves (Charlie Llyod)
Ok its Dark Elves and the army is freaking horrible but its Charlie and its always fun to play Charlie (he got my best sports award and won the tournament award for it for the 3rd year running).  Once again I feel horribly outnumbered by Elven infantry that is cheaper, hits better, hits faster and has more attacks... but maybe my templates can do more damage if I hang back - the brown terrain in the middle of the board is danagerous
Stuff that hanging back is for pussies lets move straight up and throw some dice - and OMG my templates are actually doing something and Elves are dying (not many but some)
Its hard to grumble when your being killed by something this pretty
AH HA take that my charges go in but unfortunately only the Hammerers make it the Warriors behind them miss out by 1 inch - ONE INCH!!! AHHHH 
Meanwhile other nasty Elves have kept my 2nd Warrior block busy while the big nasty Witch Elves kill my Gyrobomber and then overrun into them... but wait... they come up 1/2 an inch short... AH HA time to kill the other Elves and charge them back... or wait for the dangerous terrain to kill them all.... does it... NO 2 Elves die...
Stop short you do - but oh crap my Hammerers and BSB are all dead time for the Stone Throwers to do their thing and they do getting some wounds (only some) onto the Throne of Blood thingy
Hooray more combat res for Charlie chuck in the Rangers... maybe I can't hack down enough of these guys after he fails his overrun into my Warriors by 1 Inch letting me charge him and get the Strength bonus
There are not many Elves left and Charlie fluffs his rolls... I could win this... I could... I mean it... oh bugger...
There's hardly any of them left my 2 Strone Throwers are still alive shoot them .... FIRE ONE... Misfire BLOW UP... AHHH.... FIRE TWO... HIT... ROLL TO WOUND... "Anything but a one" I say out loud.... ROLL A... ONE... AHHHH FFS....
And Game over as the Elves kill off my last unit
End Result 0-20 loss 
(making up for the 20-0 I got over Charlie last year)

So another Panzershrek over and I got my ass handed to me in nearly every game with three 0-20 losses so really not good.  Doesn't seem to be much point to me taking artillery and shooting if I'm just going to plow straight up the middle all the time does it???

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