July 15, 2015

Dwarfs @ Panzershrek - G2 vs. High Elves

"Following the death of Godrim Fireforge at the hands of the Tomb King horde the Thorinkin retreated to their mountain fortress to rebuild and enter yet more names and ill-deeds into their book of Grudges.  The name of Tomb King P'eter Wil'liam'son had been entered in blood and word taken to Karark Eight Peaks so his acts could also be recorded in the Great Book of Grudges. But the Thorinkin's enemies were relentless and unending in their assault on the hold and its land.  Now a new, but ancient, foe one not seen for many generations had come to the Copper Head Mountains... High Elves.  Readying their axes the Throng of Karak Thorinkin marched forth once more..."

Deployment minus the Frosthearts which go down next inbetween the building and the hill and my Rangers one unit goes down on the right facing a unit of Reavers the 2nd goes down on the extreme right flank of Tom's army in some ruins

Game 2 of Panzershrek this time up against one of the Hawkes Bay crew Tom Davis and his High Elves.  He had an interesting list not one I've seen at tournaments before that included:
  • Loremaster
  • L4 Mage
  • BSB
  • 30 x Seaguard
  • 5 x Reavers
  • 5 x Reavers
  • 23 x Phoenix Guard
  • 3 units of 5 Swordmasters
  • 2 x Frostheart Phoenix
Pretty but deadly
You don't see enough Phoenix Guard at events any more it's always White Lions with the BotWD.
"Seizing the initiative Dwarven rangers moved ahead of the main throng and took up positions to the front and on the right flank of the Elven forces.  Behind the main battleline Grudge Throwers readied their artillery fully expecting the order to target the Frostheart Phoenix's accompanying the Elven warhost.  But the throngs General had other ideas... the horde of Elven Sea Guard was too tempting a target particularly as the Runesmith had detected the presence of an Elven mage among its ranks.  Soon stones were falling in rapid succession amongst the Elven spearmen and Gyrobombers were racing overhead ready to add their deadly payload to the carnage.  In only minutes fully half the Elven Spear horde was dead and more Elves followed as bolts from Dwarven rangers cut through puny Elven armour with ease.  The Thorinkin were out for blood on this day their HATRED for the Elven host driving them forward..."

I get first turn and unluckily for Tom get Hatred for Ancestral Grudge.  I ignore the Phoenix's as in all honesty I'm not that worried about them and concentrate my Artillery on his big blocks.  20/30 Seaguard go down in the first turn to direct hits from the Grudge Throwers.  Meanwhile Rangers begin sniping Swordmasters and Reavers.
Tom's first moves see the Phoenix's swoop forward, one aims to get behind me and into my warmachines, the other stays to his front.  Of his other troops only the Swordmasters move forward but not very much and he keeps his big blocks almost stationary relying on magic to do damage to my forces in the opening stages.  In my Turn 2 I take a gamble and declare charges on a Phoenix and some Swordmasters both are 12" away so I need 9's and I get them so in we go...
"The order is given and the Throng with a mighty roar charges forward... the Elven host thinking themselves safe some distance from the Dwarfs are taken by surprise at the distance of the initial Dwarven charge.  Warriors and Hammerers are soon locked in combat with a Frostheart Phoenix and Elven Swordmasters while on the right flank Rangers have cut down a unit of Reavers who made the suicidal decision to charge them."

At S7 with Hatred the Hammerers cut through the Swordmasters and overrun into the Phoenix Guard, meanwhile Grudgethrowers try to kill the other Phoenix but only manage to score a couple of wounds.  
 "Outnumbered and faced by a horde of Hammerers whose hatred gave their weapons new strength the Elves of Hoeth stood little chance and were cut to pieces by the charging Thorinkin.  Surging forward flush with victory the Dwarf's crash into the Elven Phoenix Guard while behind them their brothers continue to battle bravely with a Phoenix that simply refuses to die."

The situation at the end of my Turn 2 - I have a unit almost on the other table edge after it marched 6" charged 9" and then over ran another 10" .  Nearly half the Elven army is dead and so far its only cost me a few Hammerers, some Warriors and a couple of wounds on a Gyro.
The 2nd Frostheart charges into the flank of my 2nd Warrior unit, at this stage I am still within 12" of the Hammerers so MR Groth One Eye means they are stubborn but I need to end this combat fast

"Hammerers rise and fall and despite their seeming magical ability to ward off attacks the Elven Phoenix Guard are being cut to pieces.  Victory it seems is near but then an Elven blade cleaves through the Gromil armour of Hordrudkal Goblinflayer the throngs Battle Standard Bearer.  As he dies the Hammerers renew their attacks, more Elves are cut down and the tattered remnant turn and flee before they too are chased down and killed..."

The Hammerers have wiped out the Phoenix Guard having lost only 4 of their own and my BSB in the process. Tom's dice simply deserted him and his Phoenix not only fluffed their attacks but then failed nearly all of their ward saves.  Meanwhile I still can't kill those damn Phoenixs and things are not looking good for my 2 Warrior blocks.

"As the Hammerers surge forward behind them Clan Warriors finally kill the 1st of the Elven Phoenix's after a Gyrobomber charged the rear of the beast distracting it long enough for Dwarven axes to make the death blow.  To their right though the 2nd Phoenix is cutting down Dwarf after Dwarf and doing so almost with impunity.  Rallying and reforming the depleted Warrior horde turns and readies itself to charge the rear of the 2nd Phoenix... but"
Phoenix 1 is down but Phoenix 2 beats my Warriors on CR, they flee and get chased down.  Tom only has that Phoenix about 10 Seaguard and his BSB left at this point so I am still looking good.
 "Dwarven artillery crews can only watch as their clan brothers run from the monstrous Phoenix, run and then get cut down as it chases them across the battlefield.  But they have to ignore that fight.  Elven magic is continuing to hurt the Dwarven cause and it is plain that the Phoenix's victory owes much to the magic being cast from within the Seaguard unit.  More stones are lobbed its way and a lucky shot crushes the Elven Loremaster and then 2nd hits and kills the Phoenix... the Elves are now all but defeated the only question is how will they choose to die..."
This is about Turn 4 or 5 Tom has 5 Seaguard and his BSB left that's it and I'm busy trying to template it to death... so in what I think was one of the moves of the tournament he charges my Warriors !!!
 "The Dwarven Warriors cannot believe the bravery of the Elven Noble with only a handful of his army left alive he is leading a suicidal charge straight at their massed ranks.  6 Elves vs. hundreds of Dwarven axes an act of courage that the Thorinkin will long remember... so awed by the audacity of the Elven charge the Dwarven artillery falls silent reluctant to kill the Elves with rocks when a noble death in close combat is what they truly deserve."
Tom charges in all the Seaguard die but his BSB who has the Crown of Command toughs it out and survives...
 "Axe after axe cuts down toward the Elven Noble.  Dwarfs surround him on all sides but he will just not die.  His 5 Elven comrades are dead at his feet but so to are many Dwarfs. The Elf plants his armies Battle Standard in the Earth.  He his alone, the only Elf standing amongst a field littered with thousands of his dead comrades.  But he fights on and such is his skill that the Axes of the Dwarves cannot touch him..."
It takes a charge in the flank by my Hammerers to finish this guy off and I only do so because you don't get parry saves to the flank meaning the Shield of Merwyn has no effect and S7 Hammerers just cut through Elven armour.
 "The Hammer cuts down and the Elven nobles arm breaks his sword drops from his hand.  Another Hammer smashes his knee and the Elf collapses to the ground where his last act of defiance is to grasp his Battle Standard and rise it high before a 3rd Hammer ends his life..."

The battle is over and its a 20-0 victory to me in what was a thoroughly enjoyable game.  Tom's BSB charge at the end was just awesome you have to love it when people just go for it.  Game wise he was unlucky that I got hatred and made those long charges (and the long overrun) in Turn 2.  Keeping his big blocks back was a mistake as well and he really needed to get them into combat asap limiting my ability to get the +1 S on the charge and more importantly preventing me from shooting him off the table.  But losing 2/3 of the Seaguard in Turn 1 did make him understandably cautious.

That was it for Day 1 of the event for me.  Due to all the snow around the country a lot of players couldn't make it so we had 17 competitors instead of 24.  Consequently I took a bye in Round 3 - basically the local guys all took one so the out of towners wouldn't miss out on a game.


Phil said...

Strange and beautiful, very nice looking game with an amazing Phoenix !

Jonah said...

Love it when the stunties win! Good work! Nice to see an elf player not too 'killer list' obsessed.