July 24, 2015

More Word Bearers progress

Getting more and more Word Bearers finished and my overall force is starting to build in size with the addition of Cultists and some Bloodletter's..
Unit of 14 CSM all complete (except one guy still waiting on his Melta Gun)
Painted this guy a while ago all I've done to him is add ash to the base and the two Oath Scrolls/Parchments (thanks for the bits Jeff), once I get more of these I'll continue festooning him with them in true Word Bearers style.
The writing on each Oath Scroll was done with a 0.1mm pen not a paint brush... so much easier
First 5 of 15 MkIII & IV Legion armoured Word Bearers.  The unit has a mixture of HH and 40k Bolters.
Aspiring Champion in the front has bits from MkIII/IV & VII armour.  
10 Cultists all done - 5 more are WIP - just waiting on Mighty Ape to get some more in so I can build up a couple of units of 10.  These were actually a lot of fun to paint, pity the poses don't vary much
My collection so far (very small vs. my FOW & WHFB stuff) - 15 FW Marines, 10 GW Marines, 15 Cultists, 10 FW Assault Marines, a Dreadnought (Hellbrute), 2 Rhinos and a Terminator Lord.
Looking forward to getting more 40k games in but in the interim its off to the Wellington X-Wing regionals tomorrow.

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