July 3, 2015

On the painting table: Word Bearers

Getting back into the painting and modelling aspects of the hobby at the moment.  The arrival of a small package from Forgeworld containing items for my 30k Word Bearers has really helped but I'm also aiming to finish off a few other little projects.

So here's what's in the works at the moment...

MkIII Legion armoured Word Bearers
I felt I could give these guys a better paint job so stripped them in Dettol prior to attaching the Word Bearers Shoulder Pads from Forgeworld I received this week.  Forgeworld resin seems to have a stubborn streak to it and despite multiple soakings and at least 4 scrubbing sessions with a couple of hard toothbrushes I couldn't get all the paint off these guys.

MkIV Legion Armoured Word Bearers
MkII Assault Marines with the new shoulder pads attached
 Decided not to soak and repaint these guys primarily as they took an age to assemble principally as I wanted to alternate the hands they hold their weapons in (some with blades on left others on the right).  This meant I had to do a lot of pinning of individual hands and arms when putting these guys together.  I will be re-basing them though.

5 x MkIII Legion armoured Word Bearers - part of the new lot that arrived yesterday
I also really want to give the models more character so I've started to add Oath Scrolls etc to them and will start modifying them with skulls, flayed skin and other stuff once I can source and/or build the right bits. Given that the HH fiction states that some Word Bearers were already sporting signs of Warp taint I though it Ok to modify the odd model to include Horns and modern armour.  At this stage only the unit Champions will get this sort of treatment to make them stand out more.

MkIII Word Bearers with a few extra Oath Scrolls attached - there will be more - the one at the top right has an empty helmet on his hip which I'll paint in Ultramarine colours and put a chain on.  The unit champion top left has a Power Sword and more modern helmet. 
 Despite having MkIII and MkIV armour some of the models have modern pattern bolters because I wanted to give them some variety but also because the FW ones have to be cut up to be attached and sometimes pinned.
The unit Champion with the new shoulder pad and a Book of Lorgar I cut off a Warpsmith model that I ruined and chopped up for parts
The modified Champion with his extra bits

I aim to re-base my entire Word Bearers collection but haven't yet decided on a theme but will go with either (a) Calth or (b) Istaavan V.  The paint scheme will follow the pictures in FW 2nd HH book which shows Word Bearers having black shoulder pads on both sides.  Face plates will all be silver.

Finally I also have a Late War FOW Canadian Armoured Squadron to finish off starting with the Artillery spotter plane.

Spotter plane for my FOW Canadian Armoured Squadron (LW)  
Took me a while to get this guy assembled as I ran out of materials for pinning the wings on. Planning on attaching it to the base with the Jeep on it which I'll put a tree and stuff on to make it decorative.  At the top of picture you can see 2 Sextons that also need finishing off, and I still need 2 more to complete the Artillery Platoon.  But no rush here.

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