July 14, 2015

WIP - Heresy Era Word Bearers

Finally getting my Word Bearers project back on track and have managed to get a lot of painting done this last fortnight. I started off by stripping all of my MkIII/IV marines (not sure why now) and attaching some FW Word Bearers shoulder pads to them and to my MkII Assault Marines.  Also picked up some Cultists cheap from Mighty Ape.  All in all I have enough stuff now for 750pts which will get me started at a small local league...

Apologies for photo quality I'm using my phone and really need to invest in a light box for better quality.
Aspiring Champion in mixed armour and standard MkIII pattern Word Bearer - right hand shoulder pads will all get a Chapter Icon once I decide on a design I can paint consistently.
Aspiring Champion
MkIV torso & legs, MkVII arms and power sword, MkIII pattern bolt pistol, MkVII horned helmet
Skull was cut off a CSM weapon of some sort while book (of Lorgar) comes from a Dark Apostle that I ruined and chopped up for bits.  Ideally I'd want a book like that for all my unit Champions
Part of the unit showing the FW Word Bearers shoulder pads - basing is simply Polyfilla painted and covered with Nightshade Wash, a layer of Ash flock and some tufts.
WIP - Chaos Cultists first unit of 10, the lack of poses in the GW kit is annoying but I can get 20 of these guys for the price of 5 FW Chaos Renegades.  Only first layers and a basic wash have been applied.

Still need to finish off the highlighting and edging on the marines properly as they look a bit sparse at the moment.  The new scheme is darker than what they had originally which looks better but it isn't as well highlighted as my original efforts.  Shoulder pads are an excellent FW product highly recommend them.

Future plans are to absolutely festoon these guys with Oath Scrolls & Parchments, Skulls and something looking like flayed skin.

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