July 19, 2015

Word Bearers get their first run

Thanks again to Jeff's hospitality Caleb and I managed to get in what were my first ever games of 7th Edition 40k yesterday.  My 40k experience prior to that had been a single 6th Ed game nearly 2 years ago.  We went for 1000pt forces using some of the scenarios with various objectives no idea what ones me with my CSM Word Bearers and Caleb with his Sisters of Battle.  
Game 1 and not knowing how the game works and shooting especially I basically spread everyone out and opted to charge straight at the objectives.  The Raptors opted to Deep Strike - not the best decision

For both games I essentially put all of my models on the table with my list reflecting what they were and what they looked like taking:

Chaos Terminator Lord
w. Mark of Khorne,Blind Axe of Fury, Gift of Mutation, Sigil of Corruption, L/Claw
14 x CSM
w. CCW, 2 x Melta's and Champion with Gift of Mutation & Power Sword. 
5 x CSM
w. Bolt Pistols and CCW 
10 x Cultists 
w. Twin Linked Las Cannon and Power Fist 
10 x Raptors
w. Mark of Khorne, 2 x Melta and Champion with Power Fist
I ran with this because it seemed like fun. Assault infantry and cultists are part of Word Bearers fluff and I like Mark of Khorne on Raptors because 4 attacks on the charge is cool.  Gift of Mutation is 10 points for something that is completely random but I think its cool (if not tournament level stuff).  The Lord ended up with +1 T and the CSM Champion with Immunity to Instant Death from double S hits in Game 1.  In Game 2 the Champion and his unit received Shroud which was cool, can't remember what the Lord got that time - forgot to roll for his Warlord trait as well.

Big CSM squad secures the building while the smaller CSM squad drives the cultists forward.  Caleb has some nasty mechanical thing that hits at S10 and some horrible Zealot that shoots and hits on 2+ etc...  Hellbrute takes a hit and gets immobilised and crazed
Cultists Auto Pistols don't really do much but at least I'm shooting
CSM can't kill the Mechanical construct thing so the Lord charges in and with his Daemon Weapon gets 10 attacks (3 base + 2 for Rage + 5 for the weapon) but doesn't kill it.  It hits back with S10 and instant kills him.
Raptors come down in the open (really not sure why I did this) where they get shot to shreds by Flamers and Bolters from 4 different sisters units and the Rhino thing
3 objectives this time one in each zone and one more in the middle with a diagonal deployment zone.  Big CSM squad goes in the building with one objective while this time I don't deep strike the Raptors.
Raptors get shot as they move up losing 1/2 the unit but the remainder charge into some sisters where the Champion challenges and kills a Sisters character and then gets transformed into a Daemon Prince - pure Awesome
Game 1 went all Caleb's way this one went all mine starting with my Lord rampaging through his units around the central objective.  The Cultists and CSM all die and the Hellbrute decided to get stuck and blow up so it was all up to the Lord
Big Sisters Machine charges my Lord who smacks it with 10 attacks (3 base + 1 for counter attack and 6 for the Weapon) this time I kill it in one go and turn my attention to the sisters to my left.
Meanwhile the Raptors and the Daemon Prince hack up some more sisters.  The Raptors die but the Daemon blows up the Rhino and then finishes the Sisters off by himself - Mark of Khorne Daemon with a Jump Pack, Power Fist and Power Armour is somewhat brutal
End game that annoying Invigilator (or something dude) is still alive so my Lord goes after it after slaughtering a Rhino and 10-15 Sisters by himself.  He is wounded though taking a snapshot to the head and then wounding himself with his own axe.  He forces the Sister to ran away but when charging in to attack her again gets killed by his own axe before he can attack her

An interesting experience.  40k is definitely a very different game to WHFB and somewhat similar to FOW in its use of objectives.  Learnt that shooting is perhaps more important that CC than in WHFB and did enjoy using the Gifts of Mutation but suspect they are not competitive.  The whole lack of modifiers for shooting and AS is just odd and having played these 2 games and looking at Age of Suckmar you can see how AoS has moved toward 40k in that respect.

All up I definitely enjoyed the game and am looking forward to playing more...


Wryth said...

Glad to see you enjoyed your games. The Word Bearers are looking good.

John Murrie said...

Cheers mate it's nice to be back enjoying painting models that I'm keen on been a while. Game feels like fun too so will be playing and buying more