July 29, 2015

Word Bearers vs. Daemons of Khorne

A XVII Legion host battle a horde of Daemons for possession of a sacred Chaos Icon

Warriors of the XVII host deploy ready for battle - Cultists, Tactical Marines, Raptors, a Hellbrute and their Lord in his Terminator armour armed with the Axe of Blind Fury.  The Icon is the other side of the ruined battle in the middle of the field
Units of the Daemon army deploy including a number of large warmachine constructs - the enemy force seems strangely small???
Cultists serve their purpose and sacrifice their lives for the greater good by assaulting a unit of Daemonic hounds occupying some ruins on the left flank
An early Daemonic bombardment causes few casualities as the Word Bearers Lord leads his troops  into position overlooking the Sacred Icon.  On the let the Cultists have wounded all of the Daemonic hounds but like the scum they are have retreated and been cut down
Bloodletters and their Daemonic Lord assault the Word Bearers - overwatch kills 1 Daemon before the Aspriing Champion leading the tactical squad rushes forward issuing a challenge.
Now the missing Daemonic forces make an appearance Deep-Striking onto the battlefield to the right and behind the Word Bearers lines, a 3rd unit is summoned and appears in position to support the Bloodletters
Their attacks supported by warp magic the Daemons cut down all of the Word Bearers except their Lord who is protected by his Terminator armour and the Aspiring Champion who has been rewarded by the Pantheon for killing the Bloodletter Champion in single combat.  The Word Bearers Lord now issues a challenge and takes on the Daemon Warlord in single combat.
Seeking to gain control of the scared Icon Raptors swoop in to support their Lord who has just cut down the Daemon Warlord
Despite their victories in single combat the Word Bearers are hopelessly outnumbered  facing a horde of Daemons and the threat of more units summoned into battle.  
With the Word Bearers reduced to their Lord and a few Champions the remaining Daemons begin to move closer ready to finish them off
The final combat - only the Word Bearers Champions and Lord are left alive... the end is nigh...
Another fun game of 40k, really starting to enjoy it just have to read the rules more carefully and add some stronger units.  The whole Gift of Mutation thing and getting to roll when you win challenges is a lot of fun - random as hell - but fun.

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