July 28, 2015

X Wing Regionals post-event list ideas

My 100pt list for the Wellington regionals reflected a list I like to play (multiple interceptors) balanced out with a nod toward the prevailing large ship meta (autothrusters) in terms of how it worked over the event a couple of things stood out.

As usual following any tournament I've spent a fair bit of time looking over my list and considering how it could be improved and/or whether it should be continued with al-together.  Like most gamers I also go through the process of re-writing it mid-tournament....

The list vs. my play style
Put simply they didn't match.  Interceptors with Stealth and Auto-thrusters are designed to be kept at Range 3 where AT work and to essentially shred in, shoot and then scoot back out again.  My default play style though (for FOW, WHFB, 40k and X-Wing) is more about going up the guts and throwing dice.  Basically if I am throwing a lot of dice then I am happy regardless of the result.  So what I really needed were ships that could survive while in a scrap at Range 1.  I also like to keep things simple so prefer lists with a smaller number of upgrades and special rules, hence why I forgot all about Carnor Jax's ability until Round 3.

Interceptors as Ships?
There is a reason 16 ships at the Regionals were Interceptors, the 2nd most taken option was the Decimator with 8, they are awesome.  But they are (as someone once said) "Glass Cannons" so you either need to make them more agile and fly them carefully or try to improve their survivability.  Would I keep using them hell yes because they're fun to fly and the range of Green options open to them makes Stress slightly less of an issue than it would be for other ships.

How well did I fly?
Inconsistently would be the best way of describing it, sometimes I moved well at other times I made some incredibly daft calls primarily in the name of giving it go (rather than what was optimal).  Negating my ships key upgrade AT by flying into range 1 of dual-Decimators in one round would be the key example of bad flying on my part. Other times things went very well guess its just a question of practice and finding a list that suits me.

Which ship worked the best?
Honestly, while Soontir is great Turr Phennir was my stand out ship of the whole event and he was in 4/5 games the last ship to die or the last one left alive.  The ability to boost/barrel roll after an attack is just golden so you can fly him just a little more aggressively if you like.  

Possible Changes?
I like to keep my lists 1-2 points shy of the cap to nab Initiative but I am now leaning toward using maximum points and relying on PS to get my shots in first.  Having initiative in 4/5 games meant against pilots of similar PS I was always moving first which sounds great but is also a handicap as it telegraphs your decisions.  In future I think I'll rely on PS to gain that first shot and open things up for a little bit more in terms of taking actions by taking 100pts and possibly giving up initiative.

For Call to Arms in two weeks time I have another chance to try a 100pt list and after facing so many big ships I am leaning toward taking one myself.  Did some tinkering last night and this is Option 1 for the 100pt Day 1 event.

Not as good as the Scum version but Ok - being able to fire back & front suits me as I can get in closer and not lose shots.  At 6 hull and 4 shield she also has approx. 3 x the survivability of 2 interceptors also is not as agile.
Turr Phennir instead of Soontir because he worked best at the Regionals

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