July 27, 2015

X-Wing Regional's Report

Great days gaming at the Wellington X-Wing Regionals on Saturday, 27 competitors playing 5 rounds dominated by Interceptors and Decimators with (somewhat ironically) only a single X-Wing in sight.  First up thanks to Adam Baenre who came down from Auckland to organise the event and to all of the event sponsors (something other events would benefit from).

Round 1
vs. Jon Ryder
IG88, Boba Fett & Z95

First round against a Mangler Cannon equipped IG88 and Boba Fett with Gunner and Predator.  Jon used his combos really well particularly in his choice of the order in which he re-rolled and changed dice with focus.  

Unfortunately for me the game didn't go that well and established a pattern where I flew my Auto-thruster equipped Interceptors within Range 1 of enemy ships time and time again.  In Turn 2 I had all 3 of my guys lined up take out Boba Fett only for the dice Gods to turn on me.  In response Jon's Z95 took Soontir Fel off with a single Salvo and then the Mangler cannon started to chew through Carnor Jax.

 The game ended with my vainly trying to dodge around the board with Turr Phennir as all 3 of Jon's ships boxed me in.  Eventually we ended up as shown in the 2nd picture and I got munched 0-100.

Round 2
vs. Andrew Sheppard
Double Decimator and Howlrunner

Andrew's a fun guy to game against and this match was his 4th ever at X-Wing apparently.  Double Decimators against Auto-thruster/Stealth equipped Interceptors meant I should have kept to the board edges and flown around sniping at him.  Did I?? Hell no it was up the guts straight into Range 1 where I proceeded to get my Carnor and Turr Phennir blown up in very short order.
Auto-Thrusters work at Range 1 right???
The last few turns of the game soon Soontir chasing one Decimator trying to kill it while the 2nd Decimator and Howlrunner chased him trying to shoot him down.  12 hits and not a single critical later and his Decimator finally dies but then so to does Soontir.  
Follow the leader boys
A loss but at least I killed something this time round, final result 40-100.

Round 3
vs. Alaistar Allan
M3A x 2 and Kath Scarlet

This was a strange list with some combos I hadn't seen before and Kath Scarlet equipped with Greedo who turned the first damage card Kath got either in attack or defence over into a critical hit.  Normally that would work but not against my list where all of my pilots shot first.  The M3A's are just weird looking ships that look like they are flying backwards.
Opening moves Soontir and Carnor looping around one side with Turr Phennir flanking the other.
Basically I had greater manoeuvrability and was able to use that to my advantage and with Greedo inflicting a ton of critical hits on Kath every turn she didn't last long particularly as I was able to stay out of her rear arc for the entire game. 

Opening turns and the 3 Amigos get into great position against Kath
Only downer came with a bad decision that put Soontir Fel right under the nose of the 2 M3's who promptly blew him out of the sky.  Turr Phennir also went down when he got a bomb dropped on him and then took damage from some other upgrade card that was just nasty.

In the end though Carnor Jax finished Kath and the M3's off in short order although it wasn't until the game was over that I realised I hadn't used his pilot ability the entire match.  Final Result 100-64 to me and my first win of the day.

Round 4
vs. Bob Pearce
Darth Vadar, Soontir Fel & Tie Bomber

Not an ideal match up for Bob especially as I managed to keep my ships out of missile range and this time finally remembered to position myself for Auto-Thrusters to work.  The Tie Bomber went down first followed by Bob's Soontir but Darth got his revenge when he took out Carnor Jax in the dying moments of the game.

Highlight of this game of course was Bob's FFG dice app on his phone and its sound effects coupled with my X-Wing Pew Pew app and its sound effects.  Keep things entertaining the whole way through.  Final Result 100-34 and my 2nd win.

Round 5
vs. xxxxxx
Carnor Jax, Mauler Mithel, Howlrunner, Night Beast, Academy Tie

I've been to a lot of tournaments over the years for WHFB and FOW.  At those events I'm used to games where everyone plays hard but fair and where ensuring both you and your opponent actually enjoy the game is part of what people do.  At those events we award Sportsmanship points and after facing 100+ opponents at various tournaments I have only ever penalised 1 guy for sportsmanship (about 5 years ago) because of his rubber ruler and dodgy movement.  X-Wing doesn't use sportsmanship scores but if it did I would have hit this guy quite hard as honestly it was a game that I didn't enjoy against an opponent that quite frankly seemed to think he was entitled to play and interpret the game his way.  In short it was a game whose experience was the complete opposite of what I have experienced at WHFB & FOW events.

He was negative throughout the entire set up process lamenting how crap his list was (it wasn't).  In Turn 2 he tried to K-Turn a stressed Carnor.  This resulted in him throwing his ship and movement dial down on the table and under FFG rules allowed me to pick a move for it.  I could have argued the point and moved his ship back were it started from and I could have even been a complete dick and flown his Carnor into an asteroid instead I didn't (his mini tantrum had something to do with it, honestly why make the guy even more grumpy). So I turned the dial to something nice which turned out to be a Green 2 turn and let him go .... big save and favour for him but one that queued up several more turns of complaining and negative talk.

As for the game itself I failed to keep my ships at a distance where they would work better against his Swarm and instead got them tangled up at Range 1 where they constantly collided with stuff and lost their actions.  Another incident where my Carnor skirted an Asteroid but my opponent argued it had touched it kind of summed up the match against an opponent who just sucked the fun out of it.  In the end I couldn't be bothered arguing with the guy, let him have his way (which he seemed to think he was entitled too) and lost having damaged 3/5 of his ships.  I did get the satisfaction of shooting down Mauler Mithel in the final turn as time ran out... queue more complaining.  Final result 17-68 lost.

So in the end I had a good list that I used badly in some games, well in others, enjoyed the favour of the dice gods and also felt their wrath.  But 2 wins and 3 loses were a fair reflection of how I played and the Regionals are something I will go to again.


Jeffrey Kent said...

Hey John, glad you generally had a good time.

Regarding your last game, name and shame that loser. You're one of the best sports in the NZ tabletop gaming scene so you've got the street cred. It'd be great to know who it is so I can go get a bite to eat if I were ever to be drawn against the guy.

John Murrie said...

Thank you Jeff really appreciate that but I'd prefer not to. Suffice it say his brother when I played him at Cerberus was pretty much the same. Anyone there would recognise his ships from the pictures

RED SCORPS said...

Sorry to hear about that last guy John, and it was a shame it was last as it leaves a bit of a sour taste in your mouth. My last 40k tournament went the same way with a real douchebag sucking the enjoyment out of my last match up.

Nice write up though, your blog really makes me want to get in to X-wing!

John Murrie said...

Cheers mate glad you enjoy the blog and that its encouraging you to consider giving x wing a go. I don't like to be negative but that game was just such a departure from my previous experience I had to say something

John Murrie said...
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John Fletcher said...

I played that same guy you played last in the 4th round and If he didn't have a good dice roll boy you knew about it.

John Murrie said...

I hate to think what he would have been like had I played better and beaten him (which I should have done)... not looking forward to any repeat encounter at Call to Arms