August 17, 2015

Call to Arms Tournament Pictures

Back from 2 days of great X-Wing gaming at Call to Arms.  Took a mass of pictures, here's a random selection of the non X-Wing stuff.

War of the Worlds Demo Game

Vietnam Skirmish Demo Game

Glen Burfield's Amazing Eldar
Thats right someone brought Smaug to the LoTR competition

More of Glen's Eldar

Best painted army in the WHFB competition Alan Hughes Wood Elves


Wryth said...

Nice photos mate, especially of my stuff ;)

Those blue Necrons are Alex Neil's, one of the lads in my gaming group.

John Murrie said...

Mate your stuff is pretty amazing definitely best of the 40k armies that were there. I was slightly disappointed in the lack of CSM at the event or SM in general, but j get that meta doesn't do them any favours

Wryth said...

Put a link up to your pics on my blog. I may poach a couple of your pictures if thats ok.

John Murrie said...

Go for you life mate I have a few more I'll PM them to you on facebook