August 3, 2015

Call to Arms X-Wing Lists

Been doing some juggling with various lists and decided I'm going to go with something fun rather than competitive for Call to Arms in a couple of weeks.  Quite frankly I find the meta and cookie cutter net lists kind of dull and I prefer (in X-Wing) the idea of taking lots of ships.  For both days I also want to get my Firespray onto the table mainly because I painted it and it looks cool and the Shuttle if I can because I think its awesome.  For both days I am also going to max out my points rather than leave the 1-2 pt initiative grab, just because...

Day 1 - 100pt Squadron
Not as good as Scum Kath but still Ok and Engine upgrades on big ships are just silly
My new favourite interceptor after Regionals - sorry Soontir but you just don't cut it anymore
& because I had 24 points left why not take 2 of these guys

Day 2 - Escalation
Now for this event I did have another list worked out that also included the Shuttle and a Firespray but it added them in at different times.  But because it will be fun I thought why not stick both of them in at the beginning... oh and a lot of Tie Fighters as well 

Round 1 - 60 points

Round 2 - 90 points

Round 3 - 120 points

Round 4 - 150 points

One thing I find interesting about X-Wing events is that there is NO requirement for competitors to submit their lists early for checking by the TO and to make those lists available to all competitors prior to the event (cuts down on the inevitable what do you have and what does that do chat at the start of each game).  For a 100pt event this doesn't really matter that much but Escalation is tricky and pre-event list submission would help ensure everything is kosher


Blitzkrieg Models said...

Didn't realise you could change PILOTS...


So, just the SHIPS that need to stay the same for escalation then..??

John Murrie said...

For escalation Nothing can change any ships pilots and upgrades you have at each stage have to stay in the following rounds as well. But for the tournament each day is treated as a separate event so you can use completely different lists