August 2, 2015

Chaos Terminator Lord & Word Bearers WIP

Thanks to a load of bits from a couple of club mates bitz boxes (Jeff & John G) I've managed to finish adding the final touches to several of my Word Bearers.  Getting particular attention were the Aspiring Champions for each unit and my Terminator Lord who I decided to modify and add a few bits too.

 I want all of my Aspiring Champions and characters to stand out from normal rank and file.  Horned Helmets are the easiest way of doing that so I chopped my original head choice of my Lord and added the horned one in its place.  I'd also given him a Lightning Claw which looked cool but doesn't work game wise so I chopped that of and replaced it with the Bolter w. a skull added for a bit of ick.
A dead Ultramarine is a good Ultramarine so adding one seemed like a good idea.
The little Daemon?? figure seemed cool so I decided to add it along with a few more skulls and some severed hands
Word Bearers need to carry the Word of Lorgar so my models are all covered with Oath Scrolls, Purity Seals and various parchments.  Champions and Characters get more plus Skulls from the various things they've killed.

Picture below is what the Lord looked like before I added all the bits to him

What the Lord looked like before I modified him

With the Lord and 15 CSM finished its onto the next projects in my Word Bearers army.  From left to right in the last picture we've got 10 Blood Letters, my 10 MkII Raptors whose bases I'm redoing, a couple of random CSM, 2 objective markers and 25 Cultists.

Got lucky and won an auction on Trade Me that secured me the 20 Cultists from the Dark Vengeance set which include a wide range of poses not included in the basic GW 5 model set.


John Fletcher said...

Looking good I have to get better with my shading and washing to get it looking like that.

jugger said...

Diggin' him!

John Murrie said...

Thanks guys - i've been enjoying painting these guys been good to get back into it