August 17, 2015

X-Wing at CTA: the 100pt event

Took a slightly different list to what I had intended to a few weeks ago into Day 1 of Call to Arms running with a list I call the '2.5 Amigos' consisting of:

  • Soontir Fel w. PTL, Shield, Stealth
  • Turr Phennir w. VI, Shield, Stealth
  • Omicron Pilot w. EU, Ion Cannon, Tactician
Overall, it worked pretty well except and suffered principally from poor decision making and bad dice rather than any inherent weaknesses in the list itself.  The Ion Cannon proved to be a big bonus and actually paid off extremely well something it hasn't done in many friendly games for me.

Game 1 and my first ever against a Donut which turns out is scarily agile
Got lucky early on when I managed to kill the B-Wing in the first round of shooting.  Also managed to Ion a big ship for the first time sending it into an Asteroid.... but then the Donut hit back and took down Soontir with Turr following soon after
The final act of the game resulted in me trying to Dog Fight the Donut with my shuttle which proved to be horribly difficult.  It basically flew in circles around me and slowly whittled me down before finishing me off just before time
Game 2 vs. a host of Y-Wings with Turrets and other nasty stuff I managed to get both Interceptors around behind them while using the Shuttle to block them early.  The Ion Cannon again proved its worth sending Y-Wings into Asteroids allowing the TI to close in
Soontir & Turr Phennir arc in for the kill - but their fire proves horribly ineffective
Y-Wings just don't die - Turr is down, the Shuttles wounded and Soontir is trailing smoke from a critical hit.  In the end I couldn't get the Shuttle turned round so it spent the last half of the match unable to shoot anything.  Soontir nearly carried the day by himself but the Y-Wings were just too tough.. another loss
Game 3 against Corran Horn and some A-Wings which seem to be like toned down Tie Interceptors.  The match started well for me with the Ion Cannon sending Corran Horn into an Asteroid where primary weapons fire finished it off before another Ion move soon him hit another rock and blow up.  Meanwhile the A-Wings spent the entire game chasing the Shuttle
Corran Horn Ion's into an Asteroid shields down - the A-Wings start to follow the Shuttle but can't seem to hit it and my Interceptors begin to position themselves for the kill
The A-Wings became horribly fixated on killing the shuttle - perhaps wanting to avenge Corran Horn's demise.  This allows Soontir and Turr to close in and finish them off... Final result a solid win to me and not a single ship lost
Final game of the day vs. eventual 100pt event winner and club mate Murray Griffiths whose Donut was just nasty.  I flew badly Murray played extremely well flying his ships really effectively and he just blew me away very quickly
So 4 games all against Rebel lists which was cool and all of those lists were ones that I hadn't come across before and which diverted a great deal from the Meta that was on show at the Regionals a few weeks previously.  4 games for me 2 tight close loses, 1 absolute pantsing from Murray and 1 win.

A-Wings seemed to dominate the event there were 9-10 in all and they're actually not bad when used properly.  Just loved the Shuttle and I'm still going to get another one sooner rather than later.

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