August 22, 2015

X-Wing Repaint: Lambda Shuttle

Latest addition to the repainted X-Wing ship collection is my Lambda Shuttle (only have 1 for the moment but another one is coming soon).  Decided to stick with the Red/Blue theme a scheme I'm going to apply to all of my ships with the odd Elite pilot getting their ship painted in Green.  Final paint job turned out a lot better than I thought and all of the ships have been given a coat of GW Purity Seal to keep the paint job intact.  Colours and painting process used on the Shuttle were:

Step 1 - Base of GW Mephiston Red
Step 2 - Wash with GW Nightshade (not as dark as Nuln Oil and I like the results better)
Step 3 - Layer with GW Mephiston Red
Step 4 - Highlight with GW Red Gore
Step 5 - Highlight with GW Wazadaka Red
Step 6 - Highlight with GW Wild Rider Red

Step 1 - Base with GW Mordian Blue
Step 2 - Wash with GW Nightshade
Step 3 - Layer with GW Mordian Blue
Step 4 - Highlight with 70:30 GW Mordian Blue/GW White
Step 5 - Highlight with Vallejo Game Colour Azul Electric Blue

And here's the repainted Red-Blue Squadron Imperials so far, looking forward to using them soon

Next stop the Tie Defender...

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John Fletcher said...

Nice job you have given me some ideas on painting my imperials now