August 17, 2015

X-Wing Repaints: Tie Bomber

Got inspired after coming back from Call to Arms last night and decided (around 10pm) that I needed to repaint all of my Tie Fighters.  After playing a 120pt escalation game where I couldn't tell my Ties apart from my opponents I thought painting them to make them stand out seemed like fun.

As I don't use the Tie Bomber much I thought I'd paint it first as a bit of a test model.  Having already painted Soontir Fel green using the same scheme on the Bomber seemed like a good idea.

Long-term I thinking of going with a WW1 German airforce type look with every Tie painted up in different colours to create a Star Wars version of Richtoffen's Flying Circus.  That means adopting paint schemes like the patterns below.

Should be a fun project.  Already have an idea for recreating the lozenge pattern using OHP transparencies

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