September 2, 2015

Double Shuttle vs. Twin Laser Turrets

First games for a couple of weeks last night against Jeff's latest Wave 7 acquisitions.  Some very nice looking ships and a couple of very well put together and well played lists.  Bosk's movement dial is just crazy and Twin Laser Turrets are incredibly nasty especially against Big Ships against whom they are almost certain to score 2 hits a round.

Who says Shuttles can't dogfight?
 Double Shuttle was kind of cool except I kept flying one into an Asteroid every round and those Twin Turrets just killed them horribly quick


Jeffrey Kent said...

No pictures of my T Swift crotch chops... fail

John Murrie said...

I'm not going there this is a kids friendly environment

Wryth said...

I'm contemplating adding Scum & Villainy to my Rebel and Imperial collections. I'm a fan of Bosk in the EU.

John Murrie said...

Didn't know you played mate will have to organise some games